Monday, March 20, 2017

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s talmudic orthodoxy flares up again

“For Catholics, anti-Semitism is more than a human rights concern. It’s viewed as a form of sacrilege and blasphemy against God’s chosen people. In recent weeks, our country has seen a new wave of anti-Semitism on the rise. It’s wrong and it should deeply concern not only Jews and Catholics, but all people.”

And there you have it straight from a ‘conservative’ noahide Novus Ordo archbishop — the Talmudic Jews are sacred and holy persons — when the reality is that they like Chaput are guilty of blasphemy and sacrilegious behavior.  Why don’t Francis, Chaput, and others of their ilk drop their conservative modernist façades and come out as the Talmudists that they really are?

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    1. Sorry guys autocorrect was killing me. Basically I wrote that mainstream "Christians" are now viewing themselves as second class citizens to Jews in their own religion. If you doubt me read some of the opinion pieces on WND.

  2. is PR for the Talmudic chosen ones.
    At this point anyone in the novus ordo is blind and hates true Catholicism.

  3. I wonder if like the other "hate crimes" of late it will turn out to have been self-inflicted for publicity/manipulation like 911.$74k-in-jewish-cemetery-vandalism-investigation/1789101/

    Meanwhile, bishops say not a word as U.S. cities implode:

  4. Philosemites will never acknowledge the fact that Israel and the behaviour of Jews in Christian countries are to blame for the antisemitism. The fact that a race is a minority does not mean that they themselves did not cause the prejudice against them, nor that they could not end the prejudice by being more righteous.

    Prejudice against a minority is not unmotivated; there are always reasons for it. The prejudice might be wrong, but there are causes for it, and saying simply "Prejudice is wrong" changes nothing. When condemning antisemitism, philosemites totally ignore the actual causes of it. If the minority can reduce the prejudice by being more righteous, but if that fact is never mentioned or discussed, then the prejudice will probably continue as long as the group's unrighteousness does. Of course, there is another possibility: the prejudice will decrease if the rest of society becomes as unrighteous as that group, for example, if the majority accepts the minority's decadent culture and values and is thereby corrupted by that minority. However, many members of the majority can recognise this process as it is occurring, and fight against it. We see this happening in America today. Moreover, the corruption of society can cause a backlash, and can itself be a cause for prejudice against the minority.

  5. Why don’t Francis, Chaput, and others of their ilk drop their conservative modernist façades and come out as the Talmudists that they really are?

    I think that CMJ has provided ample evidence that they have. Their words and actions do not deny it but confirm it. It is impossible for them to bury their Talmudism within ecumenism. If one were to make a chart of the CMJ photographic evidence alone, one could prove that Talmudism is not one among many for them but rather, they are first and foremost Talmudists and secondarily they keep up appearances of a “conservative modernist façade” for different purposes. Thematic evidence, regardless of the surroundings, could also prove that they have converted to Talmudism. Consequently, we see that Talmudic Judaism has spread throughout the Novus Ordo and the European Lutheran and Anglican religions.
    I think that the Vatican’s influence in the U.S. will wither. First, more and more common sense conservative Americans, through news blogs and alternative news outlets are aware that the offended minorities’ gaslighting, propaganda, faux conflicts and fake news agenda is being powered from within the globalist Vatican.

    Second, the majority of common sense conservative Americans don’t like and don’t want Cultural Marxism: it is blatantly in opposition to Christianity. And third, most importantly, independent traditional true Catholic Priests, Chapels, Churches, Seminaries and Convents have been rooted and watered for decades in the U.S. and they are growing and their internet presence is growing.

    1. The authorities of the Vatican are a dead branch and everything associated with them will whither and die!

    2. Which is exactly why we need to stay alert at all times.
      Groups like the noahide novus ordo,the sspx,the "elder bros",know that independent traditional Catholic chapels are stable and growing in attendance.
      They will send in infiltrators disguised as parishioners & priests.(even bishops)
      Stay alert and don't hesitate to call a spade a spade in your chapel!

  6. Ese modernista Chaput en Denver permitía que en las parroquias se dieran clases de Yoga y Tai Chi, y la gente cree que ese hereje modernista es conservador porque aun tiene algunas cosas que le quedan de Católico pero la Escritura dice que quien tropieza en un punto ha violado toda la Ley.


  8. That Chaput would use the words blasphemy and sacrilege to describe criticism of the vile evil of talmudism is really breathtaking, and proves the excellent point made above by C. Baily. Furthermore, calling the Khazar mafia the "chosen people of God" is itself a horrendous blasphemy against Holy Mother Church and could only be made by a talmudist.

  9. And yet Chaput says nothing about the 60 million babies massacred because of the Jews who cry anti-semitism when some cement rocks are over turned but believe the intentional taking of a human life by private persons is a legal "right" (no wonder they say nothing about 911-just buy off the relatives!) and it's their right to block democracy and impose their anti-Christ, money worshiping agenda (but Chaput like all the NO pedophile sodomite pervert hierarchy worships his ethnic group & money!)!
    "President Trump repeatedly promised that his judicial nominees would be pro-life, and ‘automatically’ overturn Roe v. Wade," Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA, said to the Senate Judiciary Committee. "Judge Gorsuch has not had occasion to rule directly on a case involving Roe. However, his writings do raise questions. Specifically, he wrote that he believes there are no exceptions to the principle that 'the intentional taking of a human life by private persons is always wrong.' This language has been interpreted by both pro-life and pro-choice organizations to mean he would overturn Roe."

    Boxer: “I think when you bring your baby home, when your baby is born … the baby belongs to your family and has all the rights.”
    Boxer was born in Brooklyn, New York, to Jewish parents Sophie

    1. Only satanic cult members would want abortion to stay legal.
      Why else would someone so fiercely fight for sacrificing innocent babies in the womb?!?!
      Its satanic in nature and only satanic people would fight for its legality.

  10. "I wonder if like the other "hate crimes" of late it will turn out to have been self-inflicted for publicity/manipulation like 911."

    Well apparently a Jewish dual Israeli US citizen has been arrested:

    The police on Thursday arrested an Israeli teenager who holds American citizenship in connection with waves of threats to Jewish institutions, including community centers in the United States, law enforcement officials said.

    of course fake news reports after breitbart breaks:

  11. Main blasphemous reasons chaput's in bed w/the jews is the same reasons bergoglio's in bed w/them (and all of Team B)--to get their pedophile perverts off w/no jail time & to keep the money in their own pockets.

    Children need to be sex educated, so that statutory rape can be taken off the books:

    So 14 year old rape victims can be trashed by Jew lawyers who say the 14 year old consented to be sodomized by two illegal 18 year olds in a man's bathroom, but won't say who the hell is paying him to rid the law books of statutory rape (not to mention let the Catholic bishops force sanctuary state status on Maryland to pad their pocket books w/tax payer dollars):

    “18-year-old criminals set to be deported should not be a freshman in our public schools,” stated a post on the website of Help Save Maryland, an organization that opposes illegal immigration

    Meanwhile Bergoglio praises Cardinal Keeler defender and protector of pedophiles and sodomites in the priesthood: Pope Francis, in a papal telegram March 24, sent condolences to Baltimore Archbishop William E. Lori and the archdiocese, expressing gratitude for "Cardinal Keeler's years of devoted episcopal ministry" and his "long-standing commitment to ecumenical and interreligious understanding. He called the cardinal a "wise and gentle pastor."

    "One of the great blessings in my life was coming to know Cardinal Keeler," Archbishop Lori said in a statement March 23. "Cardinal Keeler will be greatly missed.

    "Although the seminarian resided with Allen at the parish, Hower claims he was ordered by the pastor to vacate the rectory on a regular basis. It wasn’t long before Hower discovered the reason why. He said he learned from the parish deacon and several parishioners that Fr. Allen was involved in homosexual relationships with several young men who would come to visit him from the local college.

    Hower subsequently complained to then-Bishop Keeler about Allen’s illicit activities on parish property. According to the lawsuit, Keeler responded to the seminarian’s concerns with retaliation. The bishop contacted the Josephinum and ordered that Hower be dismissed from the priesthood-program there and was expelled from the Diocese of Harrisburg so that he could "contemplate his commitment to God and to the Church." [to child molestors & their protectors!]

    In 2002, after diocesan officials confronted Fr. John Allen with an allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor, the priest resigned as pastor of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque Church. He reportedly remains on paid administrative leave.

    "Subpoenas from the state attorney general were issued late last week to the dioceses of Erie, Allentown, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Greensburg and Scranton demanding all six dioceses hand over any documentation regarding sexual abuse committed by Pennsylvania clergy as part of a broad investigation into the matter. The archdiocese of Philadelphia was excluded from the probe, having already been the subject of three grand jury reports since 2003, which unearthed unreported claims of abuse at the hands of hundreds of priests. The remaining diocese, Altoona-Johnstown, is currently under investigation and has been since the release of an individual grand jury report in March."