Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo’s novel interpretation of St. Thomas Aquinas’ moral principle of “double effect”

LifeSite: [Ehrlich] himself has written about his agenda, that he wants sterilization [to decrease the population]. […]
Sorondo: You have to change your criteria if you want to progress in life. You need to dialogue with all cultures of the world, as the Pope said. […] And we have reached agreements that are very important. [Our partners] want to defend human liberty, human life, and peace against the new forms of slavery. And thanks to the invitation of people that your [pro-life-and-pro-family] people don’t want us to invite — [such as] Ban Ki-Moon, Geoffrey Sachs — we have achieved what those who defend the family always talk about but never achieve at all.
We, on the other hand, have achieved…that the new objectives for sustainable development…we established target 8.6 [sic, it’s actually 8.7], that is to eradicate the new forms of slavery. And that is more important for the family than all that stuff that they do.
LifeSite: Ok, Ok. 
Sorondo: You have to understand that. It is important that you understand that. You are a rational human being and reason must come before prejudices.
LifeSite: Well, I also have a doctorate in philosophy, so…
Sorondo: In what philosophy?
LifeSite: St. Thomas…
Sorondo: So, with reason, St. Thomas spoke about the principle of the “double effect.” What is it?
LifeSite: It’s when a certain action has an effect which the agent of the action had not intended, then this [second] effect, for example, does not fall under a moral judgement.
Sorondo:  Well, that’s a complicated way of saying it. It is easier to say that if an action has two effects, if the positive effect is greater than the negative effect, then you can do it.
LifeSite: No, that’s not the principle of double effect.
Sorondo: Then you have not understood the principle of the double effect. [...] You have to form your mind. And you have to understand St. Thomas better.

source for video & text: LifeSiteNews, ON TAPE: Did this bishop just reveal the real reason he invites pro-abort extremists to the Vatican?


  1. Really stunning, the double-mind revealed. So many or most high level prelates around Bergoglio are straight up talmud-kabballists, who don't even bother to pretend to be Catholic. Here is the real axis of evil. Un, Soros, FrancisChurch.

  2. No more novel, than the thug he works for:

    What is so putrefyingly stinking is the conclusion of the article you cite: "How many more conferences must there be where Sorondo gives the Church’s enemies prominent platforms before it can be said that Sorondo himself is no friend of the Church and must be removed from his influential post?"

    How many more? Well, 100k babies are murdered each day! But when Catholic Vatican pervert, baby killer and euthanizer doesn't resign, isn't removed, but 10 more of him are appointed as bishop all over the world when do the LifeSite News start telling the truth about who the enemy is and maybe has been all along (YES! abortion became legal in the U.S. after CATHOLIC Sarge Shriver was the 1972 VEEP for pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-acid McGovern; after Cardinal Cushing got in bed w/Planned Parenthood, after Fairy Hesburgh got in bed w/the Rockefeller Foundation; after JFK (and all his brothers) paid for how many abortions? (happy St. Patrick's Day!).

    "Ted Kennedy slept with more than a thousand women – and spent at least $10 million in hush money over the years to keep his skirt-chasing a secret! The late senator made those sensational confessions in a chapter of his autobiography, but horrified family members and advisers cut them out."

    "the anonymous female caller who asked if Cushing considered the state’s ban on contraceptives to be “bad law” (as the Boston Globe reported) was Hazel Sagoff, executive director of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM). Sagoff got the answer she wanted, indeed the one she had been led to expect by a Cushing confidant some two weeks earlier. For the first time in public, Cushing suggested that the law against contraceptives should be changed. “I have no right to impose my thinking, which is rooted in religious thought, on those who do not think as I do,” - See more at:

    "He could be on Rockefeller Foundation business, since he is its board chairman, or on a Chase Manhattan Bank assignment, since he is one of its directors, or on a mission for the Overseas Development Council, which he heads. But this morning he is on his way to the White House to have breakfast with President Carter and the people he calls “Zbig, Cy, Linowitz and Bunker.”...Hesburgh is—and it’s tempting to add incidentally—the president of the University of Notre Dame

    Bryan Hehir has some Peace and Justice thoughts on the Caritas Christi Abortion Referral Contract with Commonwealth Care.

    Go to about 9 minutes into this first youtube when Hehir starts..spreading the love.

    "You people care about Abortion????"
    "Why don't you people mind your own business"
    "You're supposed to take care of the people"
    "Stay out of politics"

    In the second youtube posted, listen carefully at the beginning, he says
    "You freeken people......." something.

    You freeken people what?