Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bp. Fellay confirms that the SSPX is very close to entering the insane asylum known as the Nervous disOrder where they will get their own wing!

Gee, joining modernist Rome sure sounds awfully good!

The fun begins at 13 minutes and 30 seconds!
Bp. Fellay’s sermon in Spanish and translated into Polish
by an unidentified priest in Poland on 3 March 2017.

Edited video with Polish translation removed, starting from
the 13 minutes and 36 seconds mark in the above video.

For a full transcript (in Spanish) of the nuttiness see Non Possumus, NUEVO SERMÓN ACUERDISTA DE MONS. FELLAY.

Highlights or lowlights:
  • The Society is looking for a church in Rome because the one they have is too small.  They haven’t looked at Santa Maria Immacolata all'Esquilino and are interested instead in another building that’s already occupied.
  • Modernist Rome wants to give the SSPX a super-prelature!  It’s better than the personal prelature Opus Dei has because they have to report to the Pope and cannot appoint bishops.  In fact it’s better than what the 1983 Code of Canon Law says about personal prelatures.  The super-prelature SSPX would report to a bishop nominated by them but selected by the Pope.  They will be able to appoint auxiliary bishops and will function around the world as a diocese but without actually possessing a diocese!  They’ll be able too incorporate religious congregations; Capuchins, Benedictines, Benedictines, Carmelites, etc...
  • Modernist Rome will accept us as we are.
  • The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) told the FSSPX, “You are not obliged to accept religious freedom, ecumenism, and the new Mass.  You can maintain your position, because these points of the council are not so important that whoever rejects them would not be Catholic.  You may not agree with the council and remain as Catholics.” This is a one hundred and eighty degree change as before they said, “You need to accept everything.”
  • Modernist Rome has changed, it’s no longer filled with modernists.  It’s divided and some sort of civil war is going on.
  • Cardinal Müller told Bp. Fellay the last time they met, “We — those of the Commission of the Faith (CDF) — we expect you to enter the Church — we are already of the Church — we are waiting for them to help us fight the modernists.”  The CDF is very upset with all the heresies which occur with regularity and are looking to the Society to help the CDF combat them.
  • The Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life still considers the SSPX schismatics.  
  • The FSSPX has many allies not only in the church but also in modernist Rome who even though they publicly are silent, privately tell the bishops and priests of the Society to keep resisting.
  • The great work of renewal in modernist Rome has begun.
  • When Jorge Mario Bergoglio was selected to the office, Bp. Fellay was convinced that Francis would excommunicate him and the Society.  He is however is a contradiction and helped them previously in Argentina.  Cardinal Müller at the beginning of Francis’ reign presented him with the order for the Society’s excommunication but Francis said, “No, because they’re Catholic.” This is Divine Providence in action.  Next thing you know Francis grants the SSPX the power to hear confessions and then the Society can ordain priests without the permission of the bishop of the local diocese.
  • Francis has read Abp. Lefebrve’s not once but twice!  He even told one of the Society’s priests that, “They were harsh with you.”
  • The situation between the FSSPX and modernist Rome is difficult and complicated.  Francis causes chaos in the church and doesn’t clarify moral issues but he has been so good to the Society.  It’s a delicate situation but the SSPX must take advantage of it to the maximum, to spread the cause of tradition in the church for the future.
  • Will the Society get the recognition they desire from modernist Rome?  Who knows?  Francis is full of surprises.  The Blessed Virgin Mary has led them this far, they must continue to pray.  After all the Hand of God has protected the SSPX so many times before.   Why should the FSSX now begin to think that he will let them fall this time?

Francis has plenty of rooms to spare and wants to share
them with you, regardless of your religious beliefs!

***** UPDATE 8 MARCH 2017 *****

***** UPDATE 10 MARCH 2017 *****


  1. Th, th, th, th, thaaaat's all, folks !

  2. Has Fellay never heard if it's too good to be true, it ain't true? Wouldn't be surprised if he's not buying his own prison and ends up under house arrest in Rome w/no one to free him because of his own perfidy.

  3. There was once an old cuck named Fellay
    He tried to get the SSPX to join the N.O. day after day.
    Till at last a Heeb named Francis said:
    Come on in drink some wine have some bread.
    Our religion is like McDonald's you can have it your way!

  4. The novus ordo missae,altar girls,Anglican ordinariate,and pan-religuous services posing as mass in South anerica, etc..fulfill your Sunday obligation and holy day of obligation according the SPX.
    Are the Jews right in awaiting for their messiah?
    Is the Jewish old covenant still valid?
    Do muslims worship the one true God?
    Does every "human person" have the right to worship as they see fit?
    Are Jewish meal prayers okay during the offertory in mass?
    Is the joint declaration with the Lutherans on justification solid Catholic teaching?
    Can the *Pope* celebrate Hannakuah?
    Can the *Pope* have pagan/satanic prayer gatherings which include Jews,Muslims,and agnostic feminists?
    The SPX are now obligated to say YES!
    This is the church they now belong to and obey.