Monday, March 13, 2017

Cardinal Vincent Nichols thanks Francis for upholding the teachings of Christ and the Church on the 4th anniversary of his election

'I write on behalf of the Catholic Community in England and Wales, and I am sure of many more, to offer you our prayers and congratulations as you reach the fourth anniversary in this time of your service to the Apostolic See.

'We thank God that the Holy Spirit guided the Church in the process of your election and that the same Holy Spirit guides and supports you day by day. We thank God for the richness of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, which are the hallmarks of your ministry: joy and peace, patience and kindness, faithfulness, wisdom and mercy.

'Holy Father, we thank you for the steadfast way in which you uphold the teachings of Christ and the Church, presenting them in deed and in word with a freshness and directness, which draws the attention of the world. We pray that God will give you strength and courage to continue this great ministry from which we all draw such encouragement.

'I assure you, Holy Father, of the love, the esteem and the whole-hearted support of us all.

'Please, Holy Father, give us your blessing as we give you our love.'
source: Diocese of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent offers prayers and thanks for fourth anniversary of Pope Francis' election


  1. Francis: hey Nichols! Novus Ordites are so dumb, you can say whatever you want and they will think you Catholic, they will even get angry at people who say you aren't Catholic.

    Nichols: I don't know Francis we need to push the Hermeneutics of Continuity, some of the SSPX are getting suspicious.

    Francis: hahahaha I just had the Anglican Church at the Vatican & Fellay won't stop blowing up my phone asking to join.

    Nichols: hahaha wow that guy is really desperate, did the cool kids in high school never invite him to the parties or what?

    Francis: I don't know, but hey why don't you give it a shot?

    Nichols: Give what a shot?

    Francis: Say the most idiotic anti-Catholic thing you can think of. Go ahead just try it, people will love it, and if you get really good at it there may be a promotion in the Curia for you.


    Francis: Ya how do you think Kasper got his job.

    Nichols: ok here it goes...........

  2. Naw ha ha--thanks for the laugh, Mr. Ryan!

  3. A fine example of modernist heretic humour :D

  4. How wonderful to see that, once again, from the mouths of his minions we can determine who is Catholic and who is not; that Bergoglio is praised for upholding teachings that are not Catholic, we can deduce that he, along with those who follow him, are not members of the Church which Our Lord founded.

  5. Neither one of these Jewish men are valid priests nor valid Bishops.These men do not confer valid sacraments nor celebrate the holy sacrifice of the Mass.
    Their words and opinions are meaningless as non-Catholics.

  6. It's the NGGO! The New Gaslighting Gasbags Oder.

    1. Correction: Order
      As in, the Novus Order Gaslighting Gasbags church.
      The NOGG's 24/7.