Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fake news from the lamestream religious media

The Opus (Ju)Dei staffed Rome Reports is at it again...

Rome Reports says, ‘Francis is popular due to his holiness!’

The Reality...

 Americans must be too poor to attend his general audiences.
Canadians attend but Americans do not.

He can’t even fill St. Peter’s Square up to the obelisk!
(The temperature was 70 F — 21 C.)

Typical supporters of Francis...

Homosexual Elton John!

Madonna Louise Ciccone


  1. We have the little book of insults. Does anyone have the book (besides God) of each of these clerics/orders who have worshiped Jezebel Bergoglio and her pedophile pervert Team B?

  2. He may be 'Holy' according to the kabbalah or noahide laws.
    Opus Dei is noahide kabbalah black magic.Thus,they would judge him according to those standards.

    1. Exactly, very good point. Bergoglio is neraly 100% Talmud-Kabbalah with a this veneer of Catholic, and his whole mission is to repair the Church, Tikkun Olam style from the terrible centuries of dreaded Patriarchal rigidity. The problem of course is that what Greg Burke and the Vatican faggot cabal advertise as FrancisMercy is in reality the very smoke of Satan.