Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Francis’ bogus Vatican Commission for the Protection of Minors

Mrs. Marie Collins resigns from bogus commission

Mr. Peter Saunders dismissed from bogus commission

...and the reality of Francis the ‘humble’ is ‘mercy’ for the unrepentant and ‘severity’ for those who uphold the Faith!


  1. Its extremely disturbing to see prelates supposedly representing Holy Mother Church invoved in bogus psy-ops fraud commissions run exactly the same as the fraudulent ZOG government we see everywhere in the occupied lands of former Christendom.

  2. This is an interesting observation. It was obvious to me how the Vatican wields influence on Italy by watching those videos of the carnival in the article "il Che GuePapa". Jorge's float casts the image of himself as the political leader of the communist Vatican city state. Additionally, the elaborate vilification of the populist-nationalist United States float further advances Jorge's political globalist agenda. One wonders just who is the President of Italy! Even if Jorge remains fraudulently a "pope", Jorge Bergoglio is running Italy through a parallel governance. Yes, it is extremely disturbing to see bare-faced politics like this - all talk, no action - within the Vatican.

  3. Hypocritical SSPX blogs are now demanding no one talk negatively about Jorge and how ppl must refer to him as 'Pope Bergoglio'
    Finally,those phony SSPX types are showing their true Noahide colors!!!
    Its a great day,the true Catholic Church no longer has that satanic false Bishop Fellay trying to speak for us!!