Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Francis explains why St. Peter was crucified head first

Two days ago, Francis had an audience with the Prelates of the Canadian Assembly of Western Catholic Bishops on their ‘ad Limina Apostolorum’ visit.  One of the bishops, Michael J. Miller of Vancouver, shared with ACI Stampa reporter, Andrea Gagliarducci, some of what was discussed; Ecco di cosa ha parlato Papa Francesco con i vescovi canadesi.  One thing in particular stood out,

But what did [Francis] speak about in two and a half hours?    [Francis spoke] “of many things. He spoke about Peter, about the fact that he was crucified head first so that God could wash his feet.

Where does Francis come up with this garbage?


  1. Just about sums him up doesn't it?.He hates The Church so bad that insult after insult spew from his vile mouth.Lord please take him away.

  2. It has occurred to me that Bergoglio wears black street (profane) shoes not because he is humble and not only because he wants to trample holy ground (Exodus 3:5) and show contempt for the martyrs (St. Peter), but as a sign from God that he is unclean. Washing his feet will do no good because he hasn't bathed--his heart is as black & perfidious as that of Judas. Recall, it was Jesus Himself who raised the issue at the Last Supper that one of the apostles would betray Him leading Peter to have John ask Him the question--which Jesus readily answered.

    "Jesus told him, “Whoever has already bathed needs only to wash his feet, and he will be completely clean. And you are clean, though not all of you.” For He knew who would betray Him. That is why He said, “Not all of you are clean."

    The new logo for visit to Columbia has him walking w/his black shoes in front of a tribal eyeball that contains the man-boy-love logo (as put out by the FBI): "Francis Co." "take the first step" - could be a play on the "moon landing" (the eyeball as moon), but what it looks like to me is the Biblical lake of fire. Had the same feeling about the Year of Mercy logo except more like had drugged & stolen the Bride of Christ and was carrying off to hell vs now follow me (pied pan black hooved goat piper) into hell.

    I was recently reading "Revolution & Counter Revolution" (you can get free PDF from TFP) in light of the tribal logo & your recent post on Bergoglio being blessed by witch doctor was interested to learn that the Fourth Revolution is to return us to tribalism:

    "E. Ecclesiastical Tribalism and Pentecostalism Obviously, it is not only the temporal realm that the Fourth Revolution wants to reduce to tribalism. It wants to do the same with the spiritual realm. How this is to be done can already be clearly seen in the currents of theologians and canonists who intend to transform the noble, bone-like rigidity of the ecclesiastical structure – as Our Lord Jesus Christ instituted it and twenty centuries of religious life molde d it – into a cartilaginous, soft, and amorphous texture of dioceses and parishes without territories and of religious groups in which the firm canonical authority is gradually replaced by the ascendancy of Pentecostalist “prophets,” the counterparts of the structuralist-tribalist witch doctors. Eventually, these prophets will be indistinguishable from witch doctors. The same goes for the progressivist-Pentecostalist parish or diocese, which will take on the appearances of the cell-tribe of structuralism." p103

  3. Either he eases back from his jokes or he will have far too much to answer for in judgement.

  4. Sounds like something someone with a foot fetish would say.

  5. Perhaps it came from an obscure footnote that Rabbi Jorge read somewhere in the Talmud.
    One hopes that some, or even one, of the Canadians noticed how horrifying this garbage is and will convert to the true Catholic Faith because of it.

  6. Hmmm. Does he know St. Francis of Assisi went barefoot (Luke 10:4)? Why doesn't this puke of humility (who pays his own bills and drives his own (50) car(s) but gouges "news services" that send journalists to be fed and distribute his feces aboard his jet) emulate his (supposed) namesake and go barefoot himself? How nauseating that this pedophile pervert who connives to steal the highest place in the Church in order to destroy it and trample on the saints and the blood of martyrs calls himself after St. Francis. Talk about 'purifying' history: Who will purify the buildings of the stench of these feces?