Saturday, March 25, 2017

Francis where he belongs


Modernist crap exiting the portable toilet.

For those who are curious, the company which rents the portable toilets is called Sebach.  There is no sink to wash one hands after completing their business and thankfully Francis’ minions brought along handiwipes which were used.  Francis proceeded afterwards to continue his gladhandling and hobnobbing with the crowd.  We at Call Me Jorge... were pleasantly surprised that Francis practiced good hygiene considering, his uncontrollable impulse to pick and eat his boogers and his obsession with coprophilia.

Francis makes his way to the portable toilet at 39 minutes 28 seconds.
He begins his exit at 41 minutes 31 seconds & finishes at 41 minutes 41 seconds.

Cell phone video of the moment


  1. This pope will be remembered as the greatest in history, urinically speaking.
    Meanwhile the cameras are there clicking away, just like when he's washing and kissing politically correct feet.

  2. He's an Anti-Pope.

  3. "Francis’ minions brought along handiwipes which were used"

    Hand sanitizers? My thinking is that someone touched him (Luke 8:45) and he felt the evil spirit being driven out so to get back his "Baal Jo" he dashed into Clerk (Luther) Kent's privy for some quick coprolalia, coprophagy and fly worship.

    "The traditionalist blog Rorate Caeli suggested that ‘ageing or an underlying medical issue’ [not Baal worship] was responsible for his ‘persistent anger, rancour, vituperation, use of uncouth words (which is known to be increasingly frequent in private)’.

    "francis's sense of humor: it was he who taught me my first swear words"

    "This led to an embarrassing situation when her brother began to preach “at an important Mass” with lots of priests, and her son, being surprised at seeing his uncle [at the pulpit], disturbed the calm by yelling out “a very bad word” — audible to all. “After Mass, Jorge came to us and could not stop laughing”, according to his sister."

    Sure the N.O. w/their "sensus catholicus" will turn it into a shrine...