Friday, March 31, 2017

The logo for Francis’ trip to Egypt is released

Francis the ‘humble’ is now being promoted as the “Pope of Peace”.  What kind of peace is this?  One would have thought that they could have drawn from the rich Catholic tradition of Egypt and at the least incorporated a saint or two into the logo instead of a fat ‘humble’ man.  St. Athanasius of Alexandria comes to mind but he isn’t kosher to the Novus Ordo.  Francis would most likely call him “rigid.”

Like the official logo for his upcoming trip to Fatima, Portugal, Francis is featured front and center in this newly released one.  It’s all about him.  The trip which will take place April 28th & 29th of this year.  From Vatican Radio’s press release:
The three main elements present in the logo are Egypt, Pope Francis, and Peace.

“Pope of Peace in Egypt of Peace” are the words in Arabic and English at the base of the logo.

Egypt is represented by the Nile River – a symbol of life – as well as by the pyramids and the Sphinx, which highlight the long history of civilization in this African country.

The Cross and Crescent Moon at the center of the logo represent the coexistence between the various components of the Egyptian people.

A white dove signifies peace, which is both the highest gift to which every human being can aspire and the greeting of monotheistic religions.

Finally, the dove precedes Pope Francis to announce his arrival as the Pope of Peace in a country of peace.

We at Call Me Jorge... would like to give an alternative interpretation of the logo.  First off, peace in the Moslem religion is attained by utterly submitting to Allah.  Francis believes that Talmudic Jews, Moslems, and Christians all worship the same god.
“The majority of us know how to coexist, it's easier for us, and that's a clear message. It's a message that we have the same Father, up in Heaven, and the same Father down on earth, we adore him.” 
— Francis’ remarks to Jews, Moslems, & Christians, 28 February 2014 —

This statement of Francis couldn’t be further from the Truth for both Talmudic Jews and Moslems deny that Jesus is the Christ.
“Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son. Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son, hath the Father also.”
— 1st Epistle Of Saint John 2:22-23 —

The Nile River was essential to life in Egypt as many depended on its annual flooding for their sustenance from agriculture.  The pharaonic priesthood kept their power over the populace in Egypt by predicting the floods — feast or famine — with the Nilometer.  This with the Sphinx and Pyramids are a nod to the occult’s obsession with Egypt a la Hermes Trismegistus.  According to Gnostics and Hermeticists, Hermes was a magician-priest who was either around long before Moses walked the earth or was his contemporary.  The Koran mentions Hermes Trismegistus (aka Idrīs) as one of Islam’s prophets:
And he used to enjoin on his family and his people As-Salāt (the prayers) and the Zakāt, and his Lord was please with him. And  mention in the Book (the Qur’an) Idrīs.  Verily, he was a man of truth, (and) a Prophet.  And we raised him to a high station.
Surah 19. Maryam, 55-57, pp.441-42, The Noble Qur’ān, Maktaba Dar-us-Salam (1996).

Next is the Crescent Moon and the Cross.  We have to credit whomever designed this logo for actually putting the Cross in it albeit even if it’s in a very unflattering manner.  Take a second glance at the logo — what is the Crescent Moon doing to the Cross?  It looks to us as if it is in the process of eating it or swallowing it up.  Symbolically, isn’t this the same program which Francis, the rabbis, and the imams all push — the de-christinization of Europe? of Egypt? of the entire world?

One thing that the press release doesn’t mention in the logo is the setting of the sun.  It’s not a stretch to interpret this as Christianity setting or fading away in Egypt.  Literally, the Son is setting.  Francis is also shown in the logo and this is a message that “the first Moslem” and chemist has arrived in Egypt to put the ‘hermetic seal’ on the last stages of this alchemical process with submission to the Moslem god Allah — resulting in a Noahide Peace.

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  1. What is with the obsession with the occult and Egypt anyways? Every occult image seems to be taken straight out of Egypt, is the occult too lazy to make up its own symbols or what?

  2. The Crucifix is the symbol for the Catholic Faith ,it is the sign of Redemption ,we were not redeemed by an empty Cross. As for the Crescent Moon

  3. Fatima and the Apostasy:

  4. Ryan, because the Israel was liberated from Egipt.
    So, the massonry cam back to time before Revalation.

  5. This Jewish anti-pope is a jerk.
    The last 3 Jewish or shabbos goy anti-popes at least had tact.

  6. He almost looks like Roncalli in this picture, we will have to call him the Buona Forchetta 2 (due).

    These people love to hide their occult symbols in plain view.

    Our Lord is the Prince of Peace, and Bergoglio is mocking this by calling himself the Pope of Peace, knowing full well there can never be true Peace without the Social Reign of Christ the King. So this is a man-made peace, where we kneel before the poor and elderly and deny true Revelation for ecumenism. As this is a blatant lie, and indicative of the Prince of Darkness, Jorge Buona Forchetta 2 Bergoglio, "there is no Catholic God!", is telling us to our faces that he is of the devil.

  7. This troubling image may also be an advertisement for "Chrislam".

  8. As Novus Ordo Watch Wire has pointed out many times, what more does Francis have to do to prove to the world that he is not a Catholic and not the pope… so, too, what more do Mahommetans have to do to prove to the world that Islam is not the “religion of peace”?

    And, as per CMJ interpretation of the logo, for Francis and the Vatican to strut into Egypt preceded by this propaganda poster advertising that both the Novus Ordo religion and the Islam religion have “peace’ is offensive and odious… it is late in the day to recycle the lie that they are what they patently are not.

    Given that Francis and the Vatican represent world religious, business and political revolutionary interests, one wonders why Francis is going to Egypt. US President Trump is meeting with Egyptian President Al Sisi today and on Wednesday with Jordan King Abdullah III at the White House. Perhaps the Vatican and the EU are “concerned” that their Mahommetan invasion of Europe and the West might be affected by solutions to the wars in the Middle East and, hence, lead to the end of mass movements of ME populations into the West.