Friday, March 31, 2017

The Novus Ordo in Milan is running a pilgrimage to Germany — to trace the steps of Martin Luther!

The  Italian blog, Chiesa e post concilio, today posted that the Comunità Pastorale dei Santi Apostoli — Milano (Pastoral Community of the Holy Apostles — Milan) is advertising a pilgrimage to Germany — The Path of Luther: In the footsteps of Martin Luther, August 1st - 8th, 2017.  The Pastoral Community consists of these six churches of Milan: Basilica dei Santi Apostoli e Nazaro, Chiesa di Sant'Eufemia, Chiesa di Santa Maria al Paradiso, San Francesco di Sales, Basilica di San Calimero, and Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate.

Hanging on a note board in Milan.

The Latin to either side of the heresiarch, Luther, reads “To live in peace and confidence shall be your strength.”  The trip will last a week, cost €1,450.00 and include visits to Magdeburg, Quedlinburg, Eisleben, Leipzig, Dresden, Weimar, Wartburg, Erfurt, Wittenberg, and Berlin!  Hurry, as registration was opened up February 24th and don’t worry there is no need to pay the full amount a €500 deposit will reserve one a seat.  If you are in Milan, Italy and interested in further details please visit the Parish Office of Santa Maria al Paradiso.

The official notice of the trip from the website of the
Pastoral Community of the Holy Apostles — Milan.

Francis, like Martin Luther, is obsessed with bodily functions.

Just think, you could be following in
the footsteps of a heresiarch too!!!

 Francis guarantees this pilgrimage will ‘purify your memory’ of the Catholic Faith!


  1. One World Religion coming soon.
    The Satanic system will have a spiritual component.

  2. What about a pilgrimage retracing Henry VIII's steps? That would be much more fun. Maybe you could spend a night in the Tower of London.