Friday, March 3, 2017

The Pope Video – Season 2 Episode 3

Those who persecute and murder (Gee, wonder which groups do that?) Protestants, Catholics, Orthodox, etc... make no distinctions between them so you shouldn’t either!

Francis is very concerned about persecuted Christians, so much so that he demonstrates his solidarity with them by hiding his cross.

We wonder, is Francis paying residuals to Ronald S. Lauder and the World Jewish Congress for their material?

Remember, the same man wants you to welcome the persecutors and murderers into your country because they will enrich it with their creativity!

It’s no wonder, one of the groups calls him “the first Moslem” and the other wants him to head up a United Nations for religions.

1 comment:

  1. If you're a Catholic being persecuted and murdered, Berboblio and his evil sodomite pedophile pervert communist henchmen definitely don't know your name... you are TABOO!

    But any filthy sexual pervert, heretic priest or mass murderer or hairdresser is Jesus Christ!!!!
    Not to mention any government official who wants to pervert your children:

    And the biggest killer is the VC2 Church -- listen to CROAX fake news magazine funded by the Knights of Columbus push forcing Catholics to murder babies--on what penalty ALLEN & Francis for doctors who won't murder babies---Prison? House arrest like Fr. Manelli? Guam? THE DEATH PENALTY for NOT MURDERING BABIES???? Here's a way out of the dilemma Johnny: why don't you and Francis set up a bicycle pump in St. Peter's Square? Maybe Emma Bonino will come run the pump for free!!!!! Maybe Paul Erlich will mow down the babies w/a machine gun! Who will fight these murderous queers? Who will expel them from the Temple of God?