Saturday, March 11, 2017

With ‘friends’ like these, who needs enemies? — #2

Israeli spies in the USA (2012)



  1. Jew Jonathan Pollard a convicted Israeli spy was recently released from prison
    It pays to have "friends" in high places.

    1. Great series of vids w/this one on the traitor to G&C who just happened to be given the pin to J-rum in a pure chance meeting after being released by the Punahou Phluffer Cl'79:
      Lucky as Lucky Larry making a few Bil on 911...

  2. 12:26 “But when a country like Israel, a supposed “friend” of the US and a nation for whose billions of dollars in economic and military aid the American taxpayers foot the bill, turns out to be the nation that is most deeply involved in spying operations in the US and even controls much of the technology and financial infrastructure through which the US uses to spy – unconstitutionally - on its own citizenry, the American people have a duty not merely to be puzzled but to be actively outraged at the government and medias complicity in keeping this information from the public…”