Saturday, April 22, 2017

Francis says childless Europe is committing suicide by not accepting more Moslem invaders

“It’s true we are a society that doesn’t have children, but we close the doors to migrants. This is called suicide.”

Francis’ words upon exiting the Basilica of St. Bartholomew 
Isola Tiberina, Rome, Italy — Saturday, 22 April 2017 

“Thank you for being here. Thank you for your prayers.  This church of the martyrs this reminded me of the cruelty, the cruelty that so many people have to suffer, the exploitation of people I’m reminded of the people who come here in boats and they are left there (in internment camps), in generous countries like Italy and Greece who receive them but then because of international agreements don't allow them to move on. If Italy was able to welcome two migrants per municipality there would be room for everyone.  And this generosity of the South (of Italy) of Lampedusa, Sicily, Lesvos, if only it could infect a bit the North (of Italy). It’s true we are a society that doesn’t have children, but we close the doors to migrants. This is called suicide.  Let us pray!”

(Francis’ remarks start at 1 hr 38 min 34 sec)

We have a bright idea for Francis...

...why doesn’t he tell Europeans to practice the Faith, get married, not to use birth control, and to have children instead of telling Catholic women to stop reproducing irresponsibly and breeding like rabbits?


  1. Lying demagogue of the fake news (suicide is doing anything VC2 Simons Say). I wonder he is not promoting "Communism for Kids" (maybe his jezzie sodomite Martin will tweet tout de suite!): "The author of Communism for Kids, Bini Adamczak, writes that "the Russian revolution instilled new hope, particularly in women and people who did not identify themselves within the hetero-normative paradigm." The "destruction of the family," she writes, was the goal. "With the revolution, the right to legal abortion, both sexes' right to divorce, the decriminalization of adultery, and the annulment of the sodomy law (which had previously prohibited homosexuality) were implemented and enforced," she explains.

    "In Moscow, one could find international communes led by gay communists," she says. "Drag kings could become legitimate members of the Red Army. Participants of the revolutionary debates decided upon the destruction of the family, demanded the legalization of incest, and advertised the practice [of] polygamy."

    The truth: VC2 is a (communist) society that pushes for the legalization of the murder of babies, pushes for the funding of planned parenthood, pushes for a national health care plan that kills patients, veterans, handicapped and your parents--and all this murder in the natural is but a corollary to VC2's supernatural work of preaching the devil and murdering souls.


  3. Thank God this lying duplicitous Jew isn't a Catholic priest,isnt a Catholic bishop,and is 100% anti-pope fraud!

  4. His contribution to the French elections.

  5. It's funny how these post modernists never have any faults and are quick to find faults elsewhere. Reminds me of the Democrat party.

  6. Surely he means infanticide.

  7. Not only is he a liar, he's so inconsistent: (1) It's still suicide even if one lets another nation occupy the country. (2) If one is murdering one's own babies/sterilizing so can be rich and carefree (per Paul Erlich & PF's advice not to breed like rabbits), why would one want to share one's wealth and care for a bunch of poor, savage invaders who hate and want to destroy one's country?

  8. The pope is dead wrong. Does anyone know what the word moslim mean. It means to worship the devil. Why is pope Francis saying to let the moslims/muslims in. This is very wrong for the pope to say this. Christians needs to stand up & not be afraid of fighting the moslims/muslims for the good of Christianity. The pope is a weak man and will not protect Christianity faith. Will Jesus want Christians to give into the devil. I think not!!!!

  9. Why is he our pope?

    1. He's an Anti-Pope leading a false Antichrist sect known as the Novus Ordo.

  10. If we let the moslim/muslims take over then every Christian in the world is doomed. Us Christians must fight the muslims & their sharia law for the sake of Christianity. Would Jesus want us to back down. I think not. Jesus died on the cross for us, at lease we can do is save his world from the devil. Christians would be committing suicide if we accept the moslims/muslims. They are like cancer. Moslim means to worship the devil. Does the pope really have the best interest for Christian.

  11. The Catholic Encyclopedia on "Migration" (URL:

    "The legal control of migration began when it ceased to be collective and began to be individual. Laws have been passed preventing people from leaving their native land, and also, by the country of destination, forbidding or regulating entrance thereto. Extensive regulation has been found necessary applying to transportation companies and their agents, the means of transportation, treatment en route and at terminal points. The justification of public interference is to be found in the right of a nation to control the variations of its own population. The highest necessity is that arising from war: on this ground nations almost universally regulate very closely the movements of population, forbidding emigration, that they may not lose their soldiers, and guarding immigration as a military precaution. Restrictive measures are also justified on grounds of health and morals, and on the general ground that a national family has a right to say who shall join it...

    "...The attitude of the United States at the present time (1910) towards foreign immigration is one of caution. Actual and projected legislation aims, not at exclusion, but at selection. It is recognized that the assimilative power, even of America, has its limits. Legislation must, by the application of rational principles, eliminate those incapable of assimilation to the general culture of the country. Great care is, of course, necessary in determining and applying these principles of selection: an educational test, for instance, while it would exclude much ignorance, would also exclude much honesty, frugality, industry, and solid worth. It is probable that a more vigorous system of inspection of immigrants at ports of entry will be put in force, while a stricter control will be exercised over the steamship companies. At the same time, the co-operation of foreign governments is needed, if the exclusive measures designed for the protection of the United States against undesirable immigration are to be made thoroughly effective."