Thursday, April 27, 2017

Francis, “You cannot be... more Papist than the Pope.”

This morning in the Synod Hall, Francis had a private audience with the participants in the Congress of the International Forum of Catholic Action. The theme of this year’s congress is “Catholic Action is mission, with all and for all”. During the private audience Francis gave an address to those present. He thanked the group “for taking Evangelii Gaudium as your charter” and then shared some things for them to consider as well as some concerns he had.

— What Francis wants Catholic Action to be:
“All members of the Catholic Action are dynamically missionaries. Children evangelize children, young people evangelize the young, adults evangelize adults, and so on. There is nothing better than a peer to show that it is possible to live the joy of faith.”
— How Francis sees Catholic Action working:
“It is necessary for Catholic Action to be present in the political, business and professional worlds – not because they believe themselves to be perfect Christians, but to serve better.  It is essential for Catholic Action to be present in prisons, hospitals, on the streets, in slums, and in factories. If this is not the case, it will be an institution of elitists with nothing to say to anyone, not even to the Church herself.  I want Catholic Action to be among the people, in the parish, in the diocese, in the country, in the neighbourhood, in the family, in study and in work, in the countryside, in all spheres of life. It is these new forums that decisions are made and culture is built.”

— Francis warns Catholic Action:
“You cannot be more restrictive than the Church herself, nor more Papist than the Pope.”

— Two of Francis’ latest insults:
“Open the doors, do not carry out examinations of Christian perfection because in so doing you will promote a hypocritical phariseeism.”
“Do not clericalize the laity. May the aspiration of your members be not to become part of the Sanhedrin of parishes that surround the pastor, but rather passion for the kingdom. Do not forget, though, to pose the vocational theme seriously. The school of holiness that passes necessarily by way of the discovery of one’s own vocation is that of being not a manager or a diplomat priest, but rather, first and foremost, an evangelizer.”

Unrepentant sinners should be members of Catholic Action:
“A more popular, more incarnate Catholic Action will cause you problems, because people will want to join the institution who apparently are not in a condition to do so: families in which parents are not married in Church, men and women with a difficult past or present but who struggle, disoriented and troubled youths. It is a challenge to the ecclesial maternity of Catholic Action: receiving all and accompanying them on the path of life with the crosses they bear on their shoulders.”

These are just some of the highlights or lowlights of Francis’ speech from today.  To sum up Francis is continuing along the revolutionary path he has been blazing where he is ridding the church of it’s hierarchy and turning it into one of those NGOs that he loves to harp on about.  Revolutionaries like Francis can’t seem to help themselves in correcting Christ.

The ‘Frankenchurch’ no longer resembles The Barque of Peter.


  1. And the first "Catholic Action" job goes to his nephew at the make a mess foundation...who's paying nephew & his live in girlfriend (who never ever gets pregnant (are they committing suicide--do they need to take in a muslim refugee?)) salary?

    Catholic Action in Belgium: (1) Catholic University of Louvain Upholding the fundamental right to abortion and firing anyone who teaches that abortion is murder (at the behest Danneels sex pervert cover up protege Cardinal Jozef De Kesel )

    (2) "brothers of luv" have announced they will murder any of their mentally ill patients who ask them to (liar liar -- they'll murder anybody the government or the relatives pay them to murder).

    "In Belgium, a great controversy has arisen after the Christian magazine Tertio has informed that the Brothers of Charity, a male lay congregation of Pontifical Right, will carry out euthanasia for all the patients who so desire in the psychiatric hospitals that they manage in Belgium.

    "According to José María Ballester in The Fourth Column , the superior of this congregation in Belgium, Raf De Rycke , explained in the Flemish public television that this decision that they have taken "is not a turn of 180 degrees" but only "associate Complementary criteria so that our patients can choose between the two options: that of living and euthanasia. "

    "Dismissing the Catholic doctrine that gives name to its centers and its congregation adds: "we start from the same fundamental values: respect for life is an important foundation, but not absolute , hence we do not think the same as Rome."

    Surely you can be more papist than the pope -- if you're Cardinal rape-your-nephew-and catechize-children-to-stroke-their-Pussy Danneels

  2. Bergoglio tu no puedes ser mas papista que San Pedro y los santos Papas a quienes tu mismo desobedeces y contra quienes te rebelas. Eres solo un hereje disfrazado de papa.

  3. He's a crypto Jew anti-pope and leader of a non-catholic sect,the Novus Ordo.