Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Franciscan Brothers Minor and the new evangelization

Isn’t this a game little girls play?


Don’t these clowns have an office to pray?

Guess who is a big booster of these clowns?

In the Novus Ordo it’s not religion, unless it’s fun!


  1. It just gets worse & worse,brothers.
    There is not the slightest indication that anything will get better anytime soon.

  2. Learning to groom children for rape. Any Franciscan who engages in manly behavior [1 Cor 13:11]is persecuted, slandered, jailed, and sued by Soros-owned Francis Co.



    "And little mercy to Father Stefano Manelli , you would want to pass for a martyr of the Mass in Latin (which in fact wanted to impose as the exclusive rite for the Franciscans founded by him, which, however, mostly have rebelled). At the prosecutor in Avellino are over the allegations of harassment and violence against religious youth prescribed moves at Manelli by the victims ( "take us to his room within our cloistered convent and was holding us up at night for anything but religious reasons: he groped her breasts and buttocks, squeezed us the lives and embraced us, approached her lips to ours, put our head on his knee during confession ") while still investigating the suspicious death of the commissioner sent by the Holy See, Capuchin father Fidenzio Volpi , and that of a Philippine friar."

    Why isn't Danneels arrested & sued?

    "Now Francis nominates Jozef de Kesel – who originally had been meant to be Danneel’s successor [in Brussels] – as Cardinal. It is perhaps not easily to be dismissed that Danneels as Emeritus still has had a direct hand in this new action. After all, he is known to be the popemaker [“Papstmacher”] of Francis, and he was also one of the participants at the Synod on the Family in Rome, even though there were protests in Belgium against it,"


    Or McCarrick?

    Where do Bevilaqua, Wuerl, Burbidge, and Bransfield get millions to buy beach homes and become "members" of the papal foundation?

    "Like his predecessor, the foundation is the prime work of Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua's retirement; he chairs it, and Washington's archbishop-emeritus Cardinal Theodore McCarrick serves as its president...price of admission: $1 million...The ecclesiastical fund-raiser of the epoch, it's become part of his rainmaking legend that McCarrick -- who was instrumental in the effort's beginnings -- once scored a cool $15 million for it... in one night... the board recently welcomed to its number Bishops Michael Bransfield of Wheeling-Charleston and Michael Burbidge of Raleigh, native Philadelphians both. This year's Foundation Week happily coincided with the Pontifical North American College's annual Rector's Dinner earlier tonight. As the Holy See's top American was honored and cardinals curial and otherwise made their much-heralded "grand entrance," word swirled that... well, let's just say word swirled."

    "(Fr.) Gana rotated teen victims at...and Bransfield's beach house in Brigantine, N.J... saw the bishop, Michael Bransfield, with a car full of "fair-haired" boys. He said that his abuser told him Bransfield was having sex with the boy in the front seat...

  3. 100 years ago today, a different sort of Fransiscan, St. Maxilian Kolbe started the "Militia Immaculata". Sounds lke these fellows are not even part of the same church as that great, modern, saint.

  4. What many fail to grasp is that the Nov us Ordo is not Catholic. It is a worldly sect devoid of valid Sacraments and priests.

  5. Didn't the religious orders used to run the hospitals and take care of then widows and orphans? But that was before V2 & socialism. Now instead of contemplations, prayer, and good works they bang sticks on empty cookware and reenact scenes from movies for YouTube hits.