Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Imam Bergoglio meets with four of Britain’s imams

“Pope Sheik” told the British imams to keep talking and listening to the Christians to bring about ‘peace’.  It is through alchemic dialogue that the Catholic Faith will be further watered-down until it becomes 100% noahide approved like Islam.

The four imams Francis met with were:
  • Moulana Ali Raza Rizvi, president of Majlis e ulama Europe; 
  • Moulana Muhammad Shahid Raza, chairman of the British Muslim Forum, Great Britain; 
  • Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, co-chair of the Christian-Muslim Forum; 
  • Moulana Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi, director general of the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society.

Here is the official greeting or advice Francis gave them:
“I welcome you with joy. I like to think that the most important task we must do together, in humanity, is the work “of the ear”: listening to each other. Listening to each other, without haste to give an answer. Welcoming the word of our brother, our sister, and then thinking of giving my own. But the capacity to listen, this is very important. It is interesting: when people have this capacity for listening, they speak with a low and calm tone. … Instead, when they do not have this, they speak loudly and even shout. Among brothers, we must all speak, listen to each other and speak slowly, calmly, looking for the way together. And when we listen to each other and speak to each other, we are already on the path.
Thank you for this journey you are taking, and I ask God, almighty and merciful, to bless you. And I ask you to pray for me.
Thank you very much.”

Francis “the first Moslem” meets with imams


      “Nay, today is the day of mercy and forgiveness. Today will Allah
      honour the Quraysh, and raise glory of the Sanctuary.” — Mohamed

    two of the imams chime in


    1. As he is following suit, Jorge must be impressed with President Trump’s “Listening Sessions”
      Dear me, “Cardinal Nichols explained that in the UK Catholicism was originally a banned faith then persecuted against reluctantly given space now finally is an excepted faith and major contributor to society”. Cardinal Nichols needs to brush up the history of England.
      If interested:
      50,000 British Muslims Download Terrorist Manual Featuring Car Attack Tips
      Politically, Britain patriots are not as politically correct as Novus Ordo cardinal Nichols and Jorge’s “acceptance of others”. Britain First political party holds march in London.

    2. Ecumenist heretics and Idolaters.
      I don't see any Catholics in this story.