Thursday, April 20, 2017

“All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”


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Opus Dei’s Windmoor Center, where Michael Voris met Marc Brammer.

“Opus Dei is not of God. It is of Satan. Opus uses the Catholic Church for its own ends which are money and power. Their secret, self-contained, self-perpetuating, and robotic conformity are indicative of a cult. In discerning the real nature of Opus Dei, one must not listen to what the Prelature says, but rather look at what it does.”
— Robert Hutchison in Their Kingdom Come —


  1. I can not see the problem here
    The only problem I see is the Pope. Pius XII approved Opus Dei. If they believe that the Council Popes are Popes, they will never rebel against them.
    Opus Dei has no cases of sexual abuse. They have a rigid structure to maintain the unity of their action, as had the Jesuits in the fifteenth or sixteenth century.
    The real question is whether John XXIII and later are Popes, or not. I believe that Engel believes that yes, that they are Popes.
    Now I see it's absurd.

    1. Opus Dei is more properly called Opus Judei. Jorge Mario Bergoglio's late friend the Rabbi Angel Kreiman let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that Jose Maria Escriva's methods are Talmudic.


      Michael Voris a proxy for Opus Judei has touted on his website Talmudic noahide law as "Biblical".


      As for sex abuse who knows? Isn't what matters is whether Opus Dei is leading souls to heaven? Looks as if they are sending them down the road to perdition.

      Concerning Pius XII, if you research the topic in some depth it is a little more complicated than first appears. And don't go by Opus Dei's propaganda.

    2. I'm sorry, but I think you're wrong. At the same time, I think you doesn’t know Opus Dei enough.
      1) That a rabbi says that Escriva follows a Talmudic method, that does not mean that it is so. Opus Dei teaches that one must work well and sanctify the work, as did Jesus, the Virgin and St. Joseph. They encourage their followers to be good professionals. Is that talmudic? Voris' assertion does not affect the thinking of Opus Dei.
      2) Opus Dei is very proselytizing, they pretend that everyone is Catholic.
      3) I live in Spain, I know many people of Opus Dei. They are very active on a social level. They promote many initiatives in favor of life and family. Also in other countries.
      4) Bishop Livieres promoted a traditional seminary with many vocations. He was from Opus Dei. The other bishops and Francis isolated him. He did very rigorous research into the sexual abuse of that priest before admitting him. In addition, he accused Bishop Quiquejo of being a homosexual, which made them have an excuse to punish Livieres. Livieres said that Francis will have to render an account to God for what he did.

    3. Pius XII started the revolution,he was a terrible Pope.
      I hold he lost his office in 1956 by destroying Holy Week.
      The 1951 aberration was optional so it wasn't the full force and scope of the Law.
      1956 Holy Week is a different story.(Violated the sacred canons of Council of Trent.The traditions Pius XII destroyed are the oldest of the Roman Rite)
      I know a bishop who agrees 100% with me.
      This Bishop said there are others who agree but keep it quiet.Info like this upsets and scares people.A cult of personality has been built up around Pius XII in the past 2 decades by so called "traditional Catholic websites".

    4. true Pius 12 was not a good pope

  2. It would be such a remarkable insight....good unto the salvation of souls, if catholics could understand...that it would actually penetrate into their minds and souls...the immutable and eternal truth....that the Judaic religion 70 AD. It is no more. Our Lord was the culmination of their temple sacrifices, he brought it all to an end and predicted the destruction of their temple due to their apostasy. The Babylonian Talmudic knock off that now exists is false to it's core...a hatred of God and the Novus Ordo "catholic" church that pays homage to it is likewise worm eaten with falseness and apostasy.

    1. Amen-and its wonderful to see this put so clearly, if only many Christians could awaken to these truths.

    2. As a great fan of the work of both R. Engel and E.M.Jones I was a little put off by her take on Jones, trying to tie him into an Opus Judei cabal. It would seem with his great work on The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, and Barren Metal, he would be one of the most anti Opus Judei writers out there.

    3. I am a fan of E. Michael Jones as well, but this clearly shows he is mixed up with this cult. It explains a lot and something I couldn't figure out about Jones. He was very anti-SSPX and now it makes sense. He was also against criticisms of the bishops and Popes, which is exactly the papalotry and modus operandi of Opus Dei.

    4. I was thinking the same exact thing!
      I always wondered why Dr.Jones was against traditional Catholics and so hardcore noahide novus ordo.

    5. Exactly. Now E jones is making sense. I am a fan of his work but there were somethings that just didn't add up. How come he never criticizes any Bishops? How come he never criticizes Pope Francis but defends him? How come he attacks traditional Catholics? Now I know the answer to all these questions. Excellent Job Randy Engel!!!

  3. The entire Novus Ordo is from Satan. The statues they may have in their of Our Lord and Our Lady and the saints. notwithstanding.

  4. It is well known in Spain that Escriva was a marrano. His mission was to corral all the most conservative Catholics in Spain already in the 1920's in anticipation of the devastating reforms of V2. He accepted the reforms, and so did Catholic Spain. After Pope St. Pius X died, the modernist enemies of them Church were able to come out of the woodwork. Opus Judei would never recruit a maid, waitress or mechanic, they only recruit people with high paying jobs. It is all about power, money and control, and keeping good people inside the false Conciliar church!

  5. I know people so messed up by Opus Dei, that one young man told me it was not proper to even wait in a car alone with his sister while his mother did an errand! The Opus Dei boys are given horrendous ideas in the confessional by their probing confessors, they come out thinking things that they were not even aware of! Instantly they become socially awkward and even afraid to talk to any female. They are infamous for the hole in the sheet for marital relations, and there is entire mental ward at their hospital in Pamplona, for their members who lose it. I know one person who has been in and out of there. I have been visiting his daughter when the confessor calls, and the house goes into a frenzy. It is all about control. They act very much like Talmudists In that you can easily get a good job after graduation from their business University and everyone gets a job through Opus family and Friends. It just takes a phone call. They are also trained to believe they are superior. Truly we must pray for these poor people for them to get out and embrace the Truth!

  6. Surprised you missed this guy (who is also touted as SSPX's friend in the VC2 Vat also): "but Opus Dei continued to have a source of access to the Papal Office and Vatican Press Office in the person of Father Georg Gänswein (now Archbishop), the Personal Secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Prefect of the Papal Household for Pope Francis. Gänswein served as a Professor of Canon Law at the Opus Dei Pontifical University of the Holy Cross after he joined Cardinal Ratzinger's staff at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1996."

    "Pope's Personal Secretary is a Former SSPX Seminarian"

    Former SSPX seminarian constant companion of Pope Francis...he initially began his seminary training at the international seminary in Ecône (Switzerland) run by the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), or Lefebvrists. This was finally reported in 2009 by French magazine L’Express and repeated on numerous, mostly Vatican-friendly internet sites. No one at the Vatican has ever officially denied it....who is personally tasked with schooling Pope Francis on the Vatileaks dossier:

    "A rumor (take it as such, but I assure you that it is credible) that has been revealed was that the latest response of Bp. Fellay, by which he accepts the famous [Doctrinal] Preamble, but with some significant modifications, before being officially sent to [the Pontifical Commission] Ecclesia Dei and to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was made known, by way of Mons. Georg [Gänswein, personal secretary of Pope Benedict XVI], directly to the Pope, who did not raise any objections." - See more at:

    According to the report, which is an interview with the archbishop of the magazine of the Opus-Dei-Near International University of Catalonia, Gänswein says that the only measure to be "the gospel, the faith, the healthy teaching, the tradition".

    Maybe 2: "Also Joseph Ratzinger was an honorary doctor at the Opus Dei University in the Spanish Pamplona, ​​without the Okay of the organization he would probably not have become pope."

    If c(h)roax Allen approves of Opus Dei that tells me all I need to know.

  7. I've not read a fantasy like this since Dan Brown.

    One paragraph after another of silliness and absurdities.

    held together by dry rotted rubber bands.

    Even when she finds no evidence...she has the temerity to use "no evidence" as all the more evidence for her made up point.

    The worst of journalism, and intention. Wow. Loopy.

    1. Agreed.

      Of course, she includes "no evidence" and makes no reference at all to that Albino Monk. This, naturally, can only mean that she and the Albino Monk have colluded in the writing of this interminable article. Unless Voris is supposed to be the Albino...

      Loopy indeed.

    2. A lot of assumptions in this journalism.

  8. I was not sure what the takeaway should be from this article. On the one hand Opus Dei is a cult, but "randy angel" seems to be fine/"patched up" w/Voris--at any rate indicating that he was the victim instead of this being a controlled demolition (exposure). Meanwhile Voris has survived the exposure and now is accepted (dyed blonde streaked hair and all), while surrounding himself w/young men in the "pause (paws) program" and is providing spiritual guidance in his Resistance Movement--i.e. whole point of the movement is to make individuals holy (80% work on one's own holiness/20% "resist" by asking your priest to say the Latin Mass, teaching catechism, being the DRE etc.

  9. Opus Dei trolls are everywhere....even in the responses to this thread

  10. I never knew Voris was part of Opus Dei

  11. Response to Randy Engel

    by E. Michael Jones

    "I am not a member of Opus Dei, nor do I have any ties “concrete” or otherwise to that organization. Once upon a time I attended evenings of reflection at the local center, but more recently I was banned from speaking at Opus Dei’s Catholic Information Center in Washington. I have friends in Opus Dei. Marc Brammer is one of them. Another Opus Dei friend was warned by the American prelate not to have anything to do with me. Fortunately, he didn’t follow that advice. I have no intention of distancing myself from my friends even if their organization has distanced itself from me.

    At this point, I have a question. Why would an organization like Opus Dei want to be associated with someone with my views? Opus Dei is probably the world’s most prominent purveyor of neoconservative Catholicism, not just here but throughout the world. Why would a group like that want me as a member? Do you think that hobnobbing with the author of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit is going to enhance Opus Dei’s image in the halls of power in Washington or New York? I don’t think so. Nor do they, which is why they do whatever they deem necessary to avoid any contact with me. Opus Dei is happy to invite George Weigel, but Father Stetson showed what he thought of me when he unilaterally canceled the book signing I had at the Catholic Information Center."

    As I said in the previous comments, Engel's work lacks proven argument.