Saturday, April 22, 2017

The New Renaissance

Benedict XVI, Art is a door to the infinite: Aesthetic Theology for a New Renaissance
published by Fabrizio Fabbri Editore e Ars Illuminandi (2017)

“Tota Pulchra” or “All Beautiful”

“Some significant anniversaries occur around this time. It is ten years since the Letter to Artists by my venerable Predecessor, the Servant of God Pope John Paul II. For the first time, on the eve of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, the Pope, who was an artist himself, wrote a Letter to artists, combining the solemnity of a pontifical document with the friendly tone of a conversation among all who, as we read in the initial salutation, “are passionately dedicated to the search for new ‘epiphanies’ of beauty”. Twenty-five years ago the same Pope proclaimed Blessed Fra Angelico the patron of artists, presenting him as a model of perfect harmony between faith and art. I also recall how on 7 May 1964, forty-five years ago, in this very place, an historic event took place, at the express wish of Pope Paul VI, to confirm the friendship between the Church and the arts. The words that he spoke on that occasion resound once more today under the vault of the Sistine Chapel and touch our hearts and our minds. “We need you,” he said. “We need your collaboration in order to carry out our ministry, which consists, as you know, in preaching and rendering accessible and comprehensible to the minds and hearts of our people the things of the spirit, the invisible, the ineffable, the things of God himself. And in this activity … you are masters. It is your task, your mission, and your art consists in grasping treasures from the heavenly realm of the spirit and clothing them in words, colours, forms – making them accessible.” So great was Paul VI’s esteem for artists that he was moved to use daring expressions. “And if we were deprived of your assistance,” he added, “our ministry would become faltering and uncertain, and a special effort would be needed, one might say, to make it artistic, even prophetic. In order to scale the heights of lyrical expression of intuitive beauty, priesthood would have to coincide with art.” On that occasion Paul VI made a commitment to “re-establish the friendship between the Church and artists”, and he invited artists to make a similar, shared commitment, analyzing seriously and objectively the factors that disturbed this relationship, and assuming individual responsibility, courageously and passionately, for a newer and deeper journey in mutual acquaintance and dialogue in order to arrive at an authentic “renaissance” of art in the context of a new humanism.”
— Benedict XVI’s Address to Artists, 21 November 2009 —

Benedict XVI sitting in Paul VI Hall in front of the 
‘beautiful’ sculpture, The Resurrection by Pericle Fazzini.

Benedict XVI using the ‘beautiful’ papal ferula by Lello Scorzelli.

Benedict XVI wearing the ‘beautiful’ kabbalistic mitre by an unknown artist.

Benedict XVI’s renaissance restored ‘beauty’, just as Francis’ has restored ‘mercy’.


  1. You make a good point, and I agree. But we cant blaim him for sitting in front of ugly sculpture he did not install there. For other things he is guilty.

  2. Anti-pope heretic bum.

  3. In the second picture B16 is holding the "broken cross" which many have described as an occult mockery, certainly nothing like beautiful.

    1. Blog host was being satirical/ironic.

  4. He did not put it there. But as the "pope" he should have destroyed it!

  5. “Reform – Revolt – Replace”
    These words about “artists” is a bunch of garbage gobbledygook said to tear Catholicism down, create a phony crisis and then replace the perceived void with a degradation from the pit of hell. But this is the pattern of the Modernists in the occupied Vatican City State… to make that which was well (namely the pre-1958 Catholic Church), ill.
    Everything that the Novus Ordo religion popes said and did lead up to the Vatican Secretariat for Communication a la 2015… a Marxist-indoctrination-information globalist New Order mouthpiece, disseminater of fake news. IllNews we call you!
    “On 27 June 2015 Pope Francis established the Secretariat for Communication…”

  6. This non-catholic is also an extremely doubtful "Bishop" as he was doubtfully "consecrated" in the post-June 1968 Novus Ordo "Rite of ordination of Bishop"