Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Pope Video — Season 2 Episode 4

Francis serves up more of his modernist dross in his latest prayer video.  The video starts off with a woman immodestly dressed and working out — lifting a gigantic tire.  Next we see her pack her bags and walk off while still immodestly dressed in jeans so that she can be ‘an agent of change’.  What type of ‘change’ does this social justice warrior perform?  She’s volunteering to assist and welcome the invading hordes of Moslems into Europe!  The better world the female protagonist of the video is helping to create is one that isn’t Catholic, instead it’s the noahide approved religion of Islam.  We at Call Me Jorge... are guessing this childless woman has pets at home she pampers as if they are her children.  Soon feminist do-gooders such as herself will be wearing burkas and if they do have a child in the future, we bet it will named: Mohamed, Abdul, Sa’id, Fatima, Bushrah, Madia, etc... and will pray while kneeling towards Mecca.

Francis’ latest video visually encourages the youth to destroy what’s left of Christian Europe in the name of building a better world!


  1. Mas muestras de que Bergoglio no es papa, para que el que se condene con el lo haga con pleno conocimiento de causa y con plena malicia, eligiendo el error, la blasfemia, la herejía y la apostasía en lugar del Evangelio de Cristo que es el único que Salva.

  2. Welcome your rapists with open arms which will be strengthened after you lift giant tires just like men because epicene ecumenism.

  3. Oh, yes, let us "[...] mobilize for the great causes of the world".
    And here we have a boat: it’s Christmas.

    In my view, the worst thing that Jorge and his religion constantly and consistently do is to put people into situations that are contrary to safety and security. This video is a good example of this pattern. The history of WYD also serves as fine example of this. The video sets this young woman up as some kind of mythical steely-eyed Amazon. Then, during Jorge’s most repellant narration (Jorge is a shill for the very desperate EU), the young woman packs herself off to fulfill her “vocation” to be a social-justice-warrior-builder (Jorge’s dig at ‘building a wall’ maybe?). Regard how her assignment puts her in the company of men… Mahomet refugee men…and she actually touches them to help them get out of their life jackets! What does this convey?

    Sede Vacante. This is the reason that the Novus Ordo does not and will not and cannot protect anybody from anything. The Novus Ordo rather leads their followers into evil. Yes, even by association. Even by mere association they will be lead into evil.

  4. More empty rhetoric void of content. Unfortunately the "millenials" are too naive to see through it.

  5. Ah yes if only we could all be more like the Marxist backpacker crossfire chick who has a misgenicy fetish for African Muslims

  6. She has to work out hard! She will probably be fending of a Muslim rapist while on the job.

    The Novus Ordo is one sorry ass religion

    Seattle kim

  7. Jewish feminism and race mixing with pagans!
    Woo hoo what a way to reach your supposed core audience!!
    Novus Ordo ppl are stupid!