Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trump stands with Israel

Over at the White House’s website is a page where President Donald Trump declares his loyalty to the Zionist state of Israel (founded on terror) and that he stands with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the father of ‘the war on terror’ and member of the terrorist Likud party.  As can been seen in the snapshot of the page below, be sure to sign up and let Bibi and The Donald know that you stand with them and want to receive important emails about this issue.  Chabad and their allies control the governments of Israel, Russia, and the USA.  May God save us from these self-worshiping Talmudists.



  1. I imagine all of the Republican radio talk show hosts are wetting their pants in joy over this petition.
    What a great way for Freemasons and gentiles who worship the Zionist constitution to show their loyalty to Theodore Herzel.

  2. If his pledge to stand w/Israel is anything like his campaign pledges then Israel should be (very) worried.