Monday, May 15, 2017

Don the Con — The Donald and his connection to Putin via Russia’s ruling oligarchy

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🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 WARNING 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

If America had a free press this is the type of investigative reporting that would be done.  Hillary Clinton has her Clinton Foundation, in order to collect bribes, but Donald Trump has a different angle in the same corrupt game.  Clinton and Obama were run by the Chicago mob while Trump is run by the New York mob.  These two mobs are parts of the larger Orthodox crime family which together controls: Las Vegas, Hollywood, and the mainstream news among other things.

When he was young, Trump was mentored by organized crime figure and homosexual Roy Cohn and his father, Fred Trump.  The Donald expanded his father’s corrupt empire from making money off of the government and insider deals to washing money and providing a ‘clean name’ for the New York mob’s investments.  This two part video series, by the Dutch television program ZEMBLA and produced by VARA and NPS, covers how Trump now does this internationally and for Russian oligarchs.

This series only scratches the surface of Trump’s oligarch business partners and their crimes.  We hope that there is a follow up series dealing with Trump’s friendship with Israeli intelligence asset Jeffrey Epstein and his infamous Lolita Express as well as Trump’s and his father’s connection to Orthodox Talmudic Judaism, especially the various Haredi sects including the notorious criminal Chabad-Lubavitchers.  Why is it that Chabad is always in the corridors of power whether it be Washington, D. C., Moscow, the Holy See, or Tel Aviv / Jerusalem?

Another item that needs to be investigated is who are the foreign creditors to whom Jared Kushner owes $4 billion?  This is very important as Jared has $1.1 billion loan coming due in 2019.  The Donald himself according to our research is in debt to the tune of $1.9 billion at the least.

Why is The Donald handing out key government positions to dual-citizens such as Steve Roth who is overseeing $4 trillion of infrastructure spending?  This is a problem because to whom do they owe their loyalty to?  The country they commit their crimes in or the whole-in-the-wall they flee to which seldom extradites them?  What is the role of the Talmud and the Kabbalah in all of this?  Is it any wonder Trump has declared his loyalty to Israel, endorsed ‘Holocaustianity’ as the unofficial religion of the nation, looked the other way when ‘anti-semitism’ is committed by Talmudic Jews themselves,  bombed Syria at the behest of his daughter Yael Kushner and rabbis, and cited the Lurianic Kabbalah concept of “tikkun olam” in his proclamation declaring May as Jewish American Heritage Month.  We could go on and on but this should suffice.

Despite his pledge to stop immigration from war torn Moslem countries, Trump has increased refugees from Moslem countries by 300% as compared to Obama and it’s only May!  Trump has waffled on the majority of his campaign promises.  When Trump and Francis meet in late May the two should get along swimmingly as they share similar goals and have mutual Haredi friends. Returning to the subject of ZEMBLA’s two part investigation we would add that Trump is a whore who is complicit in the crimes committed by his backers.

Part One: The dubious friends of Donald Trump

Part Two: Trump and the ‘King of Diamonds’

source: VARA, The dubious friends of Donald Trump: the-russians

More on some of the ‘Russian’ oligarchs Trump is in bed with:


  1. Russia began to grow and consolidate after Putin sacked the oligarchs.
    Trump can have a relationship with oligarchs.
    Why do NATO missiles surround Russia? Who is the aggressive?
    We have a real chance to witness the WW3.
    Brezinski said the target is not Syria or Iran, but China and Russia.

  2. Please take a look maybe you also can denounce this Marxist tactics of Bergoglio

  3. Trump is footstool puppet for the Zionists.