Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Francis says, “Jesus is the Lord” but is afraid to preach this to the Talmudic Jews or the Moslems

“The evil one always starts from the pocket. When the Church is lukewarm, quiet, organized, when there are no problems, look to where business is to be made.”
“This is the path of our daily conversion: to pass from a mundane state of life, tranquil, without risks; Catholic, yes, yes, but lukewarm, to instead a state of life of the true announcement of Christ, to the joy of Christ's announcement. To move from a religiosity that looks too much on earnings, to faith and to the proclamation of 'Jesus is the Lord.'”
“A Church without martyrs breeds distrust; a Church that doesn’t take risks breeds distrust; a Church that is afraid of proclaiming Jesus Christ and of chasing out demons, idols and the lord of money is not Christ’s Church. Let us ask the Lord for the grace for renewed vigor in faith and conversion from a lukewarm way of life so we are able to make the joyful proclamation that Jesus is the Lord.”

Do as I say not as I do.

Do you mean like that time you went to Rome’s Great Synagogue and preached about Jesus the Christ?

“The inseparable bond that unites Christians and Jews is theologically clear. Christians, in order to understand themselves, cannot fail to refer to their Jewish roots, and the Church, while professing salvation through faith in Christ, recognizes the irrevocability of the Old Covenant and God’s unfailing, steadfast love for Israel.”

What a forked tongue hypocrite!

Pray for us, St. Vincent Ferrer!

St. Vincent Ferrer was never afraid to preach the Gospel of Jesus the Christ whether he was in a synagogue or in a mosque.  As a result countless numbers of Talmudic Jews and Moslems converted to the Catholic Faith.

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  1. Like the average militant Zionist,Jorge's idea of the Catholic church being "lukewarm" is being organized and obeying centuries of tradition.