Friday, May 26, 2017

mental derangement — a red heifer

The delusions of the Talmud - Mishnah Tractate Parah

Nine red heifers were offered from the time that they were commanded to fulfill this mitzvah until the time when the Temple was destroyed a second time. The first was brought by Moses, our teacher. The second was brought by Ezra. Seven others were offered until the destruction of the Second Temple. And the tenth will be brought by the King Moshiach; may he speedily be revealed. Amen, so may it be G‑d’s will.
source: Moses Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Parah Adumah 3:5

It's not just that the law of the Red Heifer cannot be logically explained; indeed, there exists an entire category of mitzvot, called chukim ("decrees"), whose defining criteria is that they transcend human understanding. What's unique about the Red Heifer is that while the other chukim at least follow an internal logic of their own, the laws of the Red Heifer are fraught with paradox and inconsistency. To cite but several of numerous examples:

a) The ashes of the Red Heifer remove the most severe of all impurities; yet those involved in its preparation become ritually impure themselves.
b) The Red Heifer must be completely red (as few as two hairs of a different color disqualify it)a color which has connotations of sin and deficiency in Torah and Torah law; yet it must also be "perfect, without blemish."
c) The Torah commands that it be slaughtered outside the holy city of Jerusalem (in contrast with other korbanot, which must be slaughtered in the courtyard of the Holy Temple). On the other hand, it must be slaughtered within the sight of the Holy Temple and its blood is sprinkled "toward the Holy of Holies"; according to one opinion, it must be slaughtered by the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) himself, wearing the "white garments" reserved for the Yom Kippur service in the Holy of Holies.
d) The two components of the purifying mixture--ashes and spring water--represent two contradictory forces: fire, which represents the power of ascent, and water, which embodies the quality of "settling down" and saturation.

Thus the laws of the Red Heifer are introduced by the Torah with the words "This is the chok of the Torah", as if to say: this is the Torah's ultimate chok, the mitzvah that most vividly demonstrates to supra-rationality of its divine commandments.

source: Chabad, Ashes and Water

halakhic insanity


  1. Leave it to the Jews to make something as simple as animal husbandry so complicated that they have to launch an institute and a six figure indiegogo fundraising campaign to even get started. Something gives me the feeling this is more about milking the dumb Zionist goyim than the cattle.

  2. What's funny is this story was all over overnight talk radio in 2015/2016.
    Letting the Goyim know they run the media.

  3. Regicide is revolution reified
    Deicide is Satan by Jews glorified.

    This is not insanity it is evil and it is to be expected for the nation that kills God is a cursed nation capable only of chaos and death whereas a nation like France, which killed its King can (and will) be revivified once it restores its Monarchy (as Catholic prophecy attests it will).

    The sole path to restore Faux Israel (The Catholic Church is the true Israel) to life is for it to abjure its false religion and to be regrafted onto Christ, the root.

    Faux Israel is dangerous and evil, a collective synagogue of Satan doing the Devil's work.