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Once again, Francis is dumbfounded at why children suffer.

“Perché la sofferenza dei bambini è certamente la più dura da accettare; e allora il Signore mi chiama a stare, anche se brevemente, vicino a questi bambini e ragazzi e ai loro familiari. Tante volte mi faccio e mi rifaccio la domanda: perché soffrono i bambini? E non trovo spiegazione. Solo guardo il Crocifisso e mi fermo lì.”
source: Vaticano, Incontro con i bambini dei vari reparti all'Ospedale Pediatrico, Parole del Francesco (English translation below the video)

(the quoted Italian begins at 49 min & ends at 49 min 43 sec)

— English translation —

“Because the suffering of children is certainly the most difficult to accept; and then the Lord calls me to stay, albeit briefly, nearby with these children and their families. So many times I make, and I refer the question: why children suffer? And I find no explanation.  I only look at the Crucifix and I stop there.”

Recall during his visit January 2015 visit to the Philippines when Francis was asked by a tearful 12 year old former street child, Glyzelle Palomar, “Many children are abandoned by their parents. Many children get involved in drugs and prostitution. Why does God allow these things to happen to us? The children are not guilty of anything.” And Francis answered, “She is the only one who has put a question for which there is no answer and she wasn’t even able to express it in words but in tears. The nucleus of your question … almost doesn’t have a reply.”  That time Francis used a poor child for a photo-op to make himself appear compassionate when he was anything but.  His answer was an empty naturalistic attempt devoid of any Christianity.  In our previous post on this topic, Francis' compassion or indifference to a little girl in the Philippines?, we recommended Francis to read the Baltimore Catechism which has the answer as well as the Gospel According to Matthew.  

As Francis demonstrates in his speech at the pediatric hospital in Genoa, his religion has no answers.  This even though he is gazing directly at the reason.  As Jesus the Christ says in, the greatest sermon of all time, The Sermon on the Mount,
“Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thy own eye, and then shalt thou see to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.” (St. Matthew 7:5)

May God through His infinite Mercy and Grace cast the beam out of Francis’ eyes, open his heart and mind, in order to convert him to the Catholic Faith, where he will find the answers to his questions.

Baltimore Catechism

60. What are the chief punishments of Adam which we inherit through original sin?

The chief punishments of Adam which we inherit through original sin are: death, suffering, ignorance, and a strong inclination to sin.

All things are delivered to me by my Father. And no one knoweth the Son, but the Father: neither doth any one know the Father, but the Son, and he to whom it shall please the Son to reveal him. Come to me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls. For my yoke is sweet and my burden light.

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  1. He doesn't know why children suffer, and he didn't mention the suffering of Jacinta & Francisco Marto either--just held a black mass which none of the fatima exploiters even noticed (like Donohue and Voris they only give fake news while pretending to "resist" as they keep everyone in line w/VC2 fake church):

    The three little shepherds found a thousand ways of mortifying themselves: giving their lunch to the poor; eating bitter roots; going without water a whole day and suffering greatly from thirst; rubbing their bodies with nettles; remaining prostrate on their faces for hours while reciting the prayers the angel had taught them and other prayers that their fervor inspired.

    One day they found a rough piece of rope and immediately tied it around their waists under their clothes. This was so uncomfortable that they often could not sleep. Our Lady herself had to tell them not to use this instrument of penance at night...
    On December 23, 1918, brother and sister fell victims to the epidemic of bronchial pneumonia that was ravishing Europe. Even in sickness they continued to sacrifice themselves for sinners.

    Lucia writes about Francisco: “He suffered with heroic patience, never letting a single complaint or moan escape. He drank everything his mother gave him and I could never tell if anything repulsed him.

    “I asked him one day a little before he died, ‘Francisco, do you suffer much?’

    “‘Yes, I suffer. But I suffer everything for the love of Our Lord and Our Lady.’

    “One day he gave me the rope (the one he used around his waist as a penance) and said: ‘Take it before my mother sees it. I’m not able to use it anymore around my waist.’

    “This rope had three knots in it and was blood stained.”

    ...After the apparitions, Jacinta took her mission to pray for sinners so seriously that she was favored with several mystical graces. She had prophetic visions and obtained cures and graces that were considered miraculous, and she is even said to have had an instance of bilocation...
    “If in her presence, a child or even adult persons said or did something that was improper, she would reprimand them: ‘Do not do this because you offend Our Lord, and He is already much offended.’”

    Lucia says, “Our good God gave me the grace of being her intimate confidante; I miss her greatly, and remember her with love and respect in appreciation for her sanctity.” In another place Lucia says she owes the preservation of her innocence partly to the company of Jacinta.19

    Her painful illness was an occasion for her to offer many sacrifices to God. One day she asked Lucia: “Have you made any sacrifices today? I have made many. My mother went away and I wanted to see Francisco many times, but I did not go.”20

    Another day she said: “It is becoming harder and harder for me to drink milk and broth, but I do not say anything. I take them all for the love of Our Lord and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our dear Heavenly Mother.”21

    See May 21 post

    The Black "Altar" of Novus Ordo Con-anization at Fatima Was Used to Simulate the Invalid Novus Ordo Mess The Whole Affair Was Reminiscent of a "Black Mass" That is, a Satanic Mass