Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ronald Reagan & 9-11

“The Jews of silence, Elie Wiesel called them two decades ago, but they're silent no more. They're obeying what the great theologian Emil Fackenheim called the 614th Commandment—the Commandment of Auschwitz—and that commandment is this: "Let there be Jews." That commandment is dear to the hearts of all. The Jewish people were on this Earth at the time of the pyramids. Those structures are still standing, and the Jews are still here. We must make sure that when the tall towers of our greatest cities have crumbled to dust in the turnings of time, the Jewish people will still be on this Earth to cast their blessings and remind all of us that this world and the people who live upon it have a history and, yes, even a destiny.

(Reagan’s cited text begins at 7 min 13 sec & ends at 8 min 13 sec)

This speech was written for President Ronald Reagan by John Podhoretz, the present editor of Commentary magazine.  John Podhoretz is the son of Norman Podhoretz — a member of the now defunct Project for the New American Century and also more importantly an attendee of the Jonathan Institute.  For those who are unfamiliar with the Jonathan Institute, it created the ‘War on Terror’, which America is now fighting in the Middle East, all the way back in 1979.  Don’t think for a second that Reagan didn’t agree with what was written as he was personal friends with Rabbi  Menachem Mendel Schneerson — the head of the Chabad-Lubavitchers.  Some of the letters Reagan wrote to him can be viewed (by cicking here).  The “614th commandment” in the quote above refers to a newly created commandment, in addition to the 613 mitzvot (commandments) of Maimonides that Talmudic Jews are to follow while their noahide acolytes follow the seven noahide laws

“when the tall towers of our greatest cities have crumbled to dust”

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  1. Great thanks for busting the R. Reagan myth. The "conservative" guy who introduced the diabolical wreckage of no fault divorce and expanded the abortion genocide was no conservative except for conserving Masonic, Talmudic American capitalism as the hegemonic ruler of the world. What delusions the poor world and the west live under. 1913, two world wars, the nuking of Japan, Vatican ll, JP 11 and his invented divine mercy (Reagan and JP ll both being Talmudic actors) and the great hoax of 9/11. What truly diabolical times we live in.

    1. The Reagan years also witnessed the Rise and Entrenchment of the modern Military/Police state.
      Basic daily personal freedoms were eradicated in large swaths under Reagan rule.
      Also,the Reagan era destroyed Trucking and American Labor in general!
      Oh almost forgot,he gave citizenship with the stroke of a pen to thousands of racist,militant,
      3rd world,illegal aliens.
      Don't be fooled,he wasnt a good leader.