Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Surprise, surprise...another Francis’ bishop is pro-LGBT perversions

Stowe said he is humbled by those who have pursued "a life of faith in a church that has not always welcomed or valued" them or their worth. As a shepherd, he needs to hear their voices and take seriously their experience, he said, adding that both the presence and persistence of LGBT Catholics inspired him.
[Stowe] hopes and prays "for a culture of encounter" to ensue so "we can become fully engaged with those who want to live the Catholic life and who love the Catholic Church. ... Why would we want to turn our backs on them?"

“Christian morality is more concerned with the well-being and dignity of the person than with rules, norms or commandments. Jesus seems to teach this on many occasions.”

Stowe, a Franciscan, was appointed to the Lexington see by Francis in 2015.  New Ways Ministry is in the so called Vatican penalty box.  So-called because despite this Msgr. Georg Gaenswein got them VIP tickets to a general audience and Francis’ friend and old student Yayo Grassi gave an ‘impromptu’ speech at New Ways Ministry’s award ceremony last year quoting Francis, “believe me, in my pastoral work, there is no place for homophobia.” At the same ceremony James Martin was given the Building Bridges Award.  This is the same person whom Francis appointed as a Consultant for Vatican Secretariat for Communications and whose every behavior screams that he is a practicing homosexual and Satanist.


  1. Just like Bergoglio who got red in the face, exploded in profanity and had a mini stroke when he found out he'd met w/Kim Davis (then released pics of his meeting w/his active, practicing sodomite disciple), Stowe had NO CONCERN for the well-being and human dignity of Kim Davis: “This drama happened in Rowan County, Kentucky. The local church is the Diocese of Lexington. As you can see on that site, there is not one mention of Ms. Davis' name. The bishop is Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv. It appears that he's only been there six months. Here is a page where you can email the diocese; alternatively the phone # and address are on the main page, top right corner. This diocese should be loudly denouncing Bunning's treatment of Ms. Davis and demanding support for her. The silence of the Catholic Church in the US, particularly this diocese, is nothing short of an abysmal scandal."

    But in another diocese, for a sodomite Muslim terrorist, Jesuit-trained Stowe (like his sodomite pedophile Jesuit patron Bergoglio) rushes to shoot his mouth off in support of active sodomites: "How might Catholic leaders respond? Several bishops did recognize the targeting of the LGBT community in their responses to the shooting: Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago, and Bishops David Zubik of Pittsburgh, Robert McElroy of San Diego, and John Stowe of Lexington, KY all specifically addressed the LGBT community or drew attention to the homophobic nature of the attack. Bishop Robert Lynch of the neighboring diocese of St. Petersburg specifically noted the role of religion in the killing:"
    Lisa Fullam is professor of moral theology at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley.

    Queer lives matter to sodomites! But since they can't have babies, Abortion is just a word that begins w/"A": "I went to Mass at San Juan Bautista just a few weeks ago. It is across town, but I loved it. It was the first time I heard the Mass (High Mass) in Latin in a very long time. The other priest (Father John Stowe) who had been writing his liberal rebuttals is no longer in El Paso. I heard Father Stowe when I attended a class on the Bishop's voting guide
    to Catholics. Father Stowe was one of two presenters, the first was a priest who was right on about the Church's position on abortion. When Father Stowe began the second part, he refuted everything the first priest had said! He basically said that the only reason
    abortion was talked about first was that it started with the letter "a", that abortion was on equal footing with "solidarity with the poor". Let's just say I prayed a lot for this priest and I'll leave it at that."

    Murdering babies is COMPASSIONATE & to prohibit abortion would strip women of their humanity--just ask your local rabbi larry bach: "Prohibiting abortion in this fashion poses a direct threat to the lives of Texas women. Such danger would be an abandonment of our faiths’ compassionate commitments to health and safety. We celebrate dignity through autonomy. When women must relinquish their freedom and surrender their bodies to the decree of the state, they are stripped of their humanity." Rabbi Larry Bach, Temple Mount Sinai, El Paso, Texas

    "Bishop Ochoa, Fr. Matty, Fr. Stowe, Friends:It is my pleasure to bring greetings from El Paso’s Jewish community, and particularly from my synagogue, Temple Mount Sinai. We are so glad to have been able to share a weekend of study and celebration reflecting on the forty years that have passed since Nostra Aetate."

  2. Stowe is a protege of "Ochoa was named ... an auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles by Pope John Paul II in December 1986. He was consecrated on February 23, 1987 by Cardinal Roger Mahony. ..On April 1, 1996, Ochoa was appointed bishop of the Diocese of El Paso and installed on June 26 of the same year. During the eleven-year span between 1999 and 2009, there were only two ordinations to the priesthood in the Diocese of El Paso."

    Only 2 priests in 10 years, but 15 deacons: "During his time in El Paso, Father John taught in the Tepeyac Institute for lay ministry, in the permanent diaconate formation programs for the Dioceses of Las Cruces and El Paso, and was active in community organizing in an organization called EPISO. He was active in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue and frequently taught jointly with Rabbi Larry Bach of the Reformed Temple Mount Sinai. In the Franciscan Province Fr. Stowe chaired the Peace and Justice Commission and the Finance Commission at different times and served a term as a definitor (provincial counselor), even prior to his election as Vicar Provincial.”

    "For the first time in more than 25 years, the El Paso Catholic Diocese will be ordaining 15 deacons — fulfilling a role in the Catholic church that dates back to the Bible. The Rev. John Stowe, spokesman for the diocese, said the new deacons would be a “great blessing” to the parishes they will serve.

    It warn't planned this way (guess there just warn't enough sodomite candidates--see Newark/McCarrick ref in same article): "The nation’s dioceses with the lowest ratio of seminarians to Catholics (starting with the bottom-ranked diocese) are Honolulu, Hawaii; San Diego, California; El Paso, Texas; Rockville Centre, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; Santa Rosa, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Paterson, New Jersey; San Bernardino, California; Dallas, Texas; Brooklyn, New York; and Rochester, New York.

    "Officials of several of these dioceses do not believe that their dioceses are particularly vocation-poor. "Personally I believe that we are doing well with vocations," says Father Bede Wevita, director of information, communications, and media for the Diocese of Las Vegas. Paterson vocation director Father Paul Manning comments, "I would agree that we have faced challenges in attracting seminarians; I am not sure that our challenges have been greater or lesser than other comparable dioceses." Father John Stowe, OFM Conv, El Paso vicar general and moderator of the curia, concurs: "I doubt that our difficulties are very different from those in other parts of the country."

    "Father Stowe adds, "El Paso has always been a missionary diocese, and the ratio of religious to diocesan clergy is almost one to one; some of the vocation prospects go to religious orders. Also the diocese covers ten counties of Texas, nine of which are very sparsely populated and some do not see priests very often." (In fact, El Paso has 80 diocesan priests, 36 religious priests, eight diocesan seminarians, and 24 religious seminarians, according to the 2004 Official Catholic Directory.)

    "Follow my links in the post associated with Fr. Rodriguez. Suffice it to say, Bishop Ochoa is from LA, was for years Cardinal Mahoney’s right hand man, and has at least tolerated a huge number of active homosexual clergy in El Paso."

  3. Luv (feelings) for federal$$$$ (& sodomy) trump (U.S. Law) rules, norms or (God's) commandments any day: 6/18/2005 "A Catholic cardinal (mccarrick), 17 bishops from the United States and Mexico, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn and the Mexican foreign minister will meet in El Paso next week in what is being described as a historic meeting about the church’s spiritual, moral and legal obligation toward immigrants. …The conference, the first of its kind along the U.S.-Mexico border, will include 150 diocesan staff members from the two countries and will feature a variety of workshops on treating immigrants and fulfilling their religious needs. “As members of a universal church, we are keenly aware of the realities of a geographical border region which is enforced by the civil and criminal laws of nation-states,” Catholic Diocese of El Paso Bishop Armando X. Ochoa said in a new release. “However, the also-present reality of migration is a constant invitation to the church to craft new responses to the ‘signs of the times,’ so that the human dignity and rights of our migrants are honored and respected.” …“We have a longer history of working with bilingual liturgies and working with Spanish-speaking Catholics,” said the Rev. John Stowe, moderator of the Curia/vicar general for the El Paso Diocese. “Every time they come here (from other dioceses), they are impressed with the life of the church here. Our Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services is a good example. It’s been studied by different dioceses around the country.” Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington, D.C., will speak Thursday on Ecclesia in America and “Strangers No Longer” as a way the church in the United States and Mexico can work together.

    "Clergy against police going after migrants: El Paso religious leaders are protesting a proposal by U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, to allow police to go after undocumented immigrants.

    The El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization, or EPISO, sent a letter to Hutchison this week, signed by Catholic Bishop Armando X. Ochoa, the Rev. LoraKim Joyner of the Unitarian Universalist Community, the Rev. James Hall of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and the Rev. John Stowe of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church.

    Stowe said "it doesn't happen that frequently" to have the bishop sign such a letter."

    "The El Paso Catholic Diocese went on to inform the City Council: [W]e want to stand in solidarity with the poor, with the immigrant, with the marginalized, and with the rejected one. There is a long history of neglect and decimation with regards to the Segundo Barrio . . . we are opposed to any plan that disregards and displaces the poor, that ignores the plight of the immigrant, that divides the community, that perpetuates injustice and inadequate housing, that diminishes low-cost housing; one that seeks to enrich a select group. (Ochoa, Stowe, and Garcia)"

  4. "Bishop Stowe of Lexington spoke to me about the money the fossil fuel industries pour into public relations. This use of the industry’s money, he says, might be even more dangerous than any gifts the church would receive, but “it would not be healthy for an industry to provide diocesan funding for structures and other projects or for the church to become dependent on them, especially industries with a record of wrongdoing.”
    "Stowe, appointed less than a year ago, says that his diocese is reviewing their investments in light of Laudato si’ and that the strategy of divestment would be called for if anything concerning were found in the process…“The diocese has a responsibility to be transparent in its finances,” he said."
    "Brothers steal nearly $1M from Catholic school, diocese won't press charges EL PASO, Tx. ( - The diocese of El Paso is giving two religious brothers a pass on stealing over $800,000 from the Catholic school they worked in for 25 years."
    "The El Paso diocese has paid about $4.6 million to victims or for the benefit of victims, and to settle lawsuits." (5/11/2010)
    "Just last February 5, 2015, the Catholic Diocese of El Paso settled a lawsuit involving Alfonso Madrid who was accused of molesting two children in the 1970s. Not only is this latest settlement an example of an ongoing problem but you should notice that it took about 40 years for the issue to dealt with by the court system. The length of time is another symptom of corruption. ...Former Cathedral High School Principal Samuel Martinez (1976-1985) forced the Diocese of El Paso to settle for $1.6 million in 2012"
    Only time the poor need defending is when the sodomites can get federal$$$$$$ otherwise lie, intimidate victims and hire the best lawyers God's money can buy!
    And move perverts from diocese to diocese: "Plaintiff J.G., a "vulnerable adult with mental, cognitive and physical disabilities," claims that Zamorano befriended his devout Catholic family after the priest moved to Tucson from the Diocese of El Paso. "Defendant Father Zamorano became a trusted friend and secular adviser to the plaintiff and his family, who thought defendant Father Zamorano was a priest in good standing in the Diocese of Tucson," the complaint states. The alleged assault occurred on June 2, 2012, J.G. says.

    “EL PASO, Texas - ABC-7 went to Mass at St. Raphael's parish on Sunday to see what parishioners had to say about one of its priests, Rev. Philip Briganti, being charged with engaging in unwanted sexual contact with a man in New Jersey... The El Paso diocese released this statement on Briganti: Fr. Phil Briganti, a priest of the Diocese of Peterson, N.J., has been living in El Paso and working as an extern."

    And ordain Deacon drug smugglers: "The deacon of El Paso’s Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Luis Ulises Carrasco has been arrested for allegedly smuggling tons of marijuana. El Paso Deacon Arrested for Allegedly Smuggling Marijuana, so it came to a shock to residents that he is now being charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance."

  5. These US Catholic Bishops Promise to ‘Disrupt’ Trump ... I inquired of the organizers and they sent this list of bishops who attended:
    Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Vatican's department for Integral Human Development
    Cardinal Roger Mahony Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA
    Archbishop Jose Gomez Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA
    Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Archdiocese of San Francisco CA
    Bishop Armando Ochoa Diocese of Fresno CA
    Bishop David O'Connell Archdiocese of Los Angeles CA
    Bishop John Cummins Diocese of Oakland CA
    Bishop Jaime Soto Diocese of Sacramento CA
    Bishop William Justice Archdiocese of San Francisco CA
    Bishop Stephen Blaire Diocese of Stockton CA
    Bishop Timothy Freyer Diocese of Orange CA
    Bishop Robert McElroy Diocese of San Diego CA
    Bishop Rutilio del Riego Dioces of San Bernadino CA
    Bishop John Stowe, OFM Conv. Diocese of Lexington KY
    Bishop Shelton Fabre Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, LA
    Bishop David Talley Diocese of Alexandria LA
    Bishop Oscar Cantu Diocese of Las Cruces NM
    Bishop Edward Deliman Archdiocese of Philadelphia PA
    Archbishop Donald Bolen, Archdiocese of Regina (Canada)
    Bishop Lionel Gendron, Vice-President of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Diocese of Saint-
    Jean-Longueuil (Canada)
    Bishop Alfonso Miraqnda, Archdiocese of Monterrey (Mexico)

    1. New Rite of Ordination & New Rite of Consecration (post-June 1968) are extremely doubtful.
      The men on your list have a high chance of being just mere laymen.