Monday, May 8, 2017

the Chasidic Pope

Francis is a ‘Modernist’ on the outside and a ‘Chasid’ on the inside.  Francis’ inner-jew came out today during a private audience at the Vatican with Hasidic Jews from Poland for a dance — all it needed was some Yiddish music.  Typically the Chasid part of Francis shows up in his Talmudic theology of ‘the other’ and ‘face-to-face’ or when he espouses the lies of the late Hasidic High Priest of Holocaustianity, Elie Wiesel.  It is also shown in his favorite painting, White Crucifixion by Marc Chagall; in the blasphemous jokes about Our Lord, Jesus the Christ, he relishes telling; the hiding of his pectoral cross when around his orthodox rabbinical friends; the respect he gives to Talmudists; and the kosher meals he holds at the Vatican.  We could go on and on but to sum it up, who else but a Talmudic Jew would dare rebuke Jesus the Christ as Francis has?

‘Long years shall satiate him’

backup copy of Francis with chasids from Poland


(Click here) for the official photos of Francis’ private meeting with Rabbi Edgar Gluck and his entourage.

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  1. Looks too rigid to me -- why no hand holding and hugging? Why no selfies trading beanies and fur hats? Seems like a puzzled/drugged bull about to be charged.

  2. How well you penetrate the lie of the religion of Cain and Lamech. the remnant of Israel converted to the Christ or persisted in their filthy errors....many poorly led, ignorant sheep included. The wolves led the sheep to slaughter. The true prophets and of course the Christ clearly foretold their utter destruction (70 AD). Any so called Catholic that gives credence to the diabolical synagogue is a completely deluded fool or a wolf in sheep's clothing. I strongly suspect the latter is the truth in the case of the Novus Ordo "Catholic Church" clerical "restructuring"......the originators whom broke their solemn vow to utterly reject modernism, that would include talmudic judaism. Men who break their solemn oaths before God are to be believed? Complete, seriously disordered liars. Cursed is he who trusts in men....St. Jeremiah.

  3. Paul VI and JP2 were Jews.
    Fr.Ratzinger was kicked to the novus ordo curb to make room for the judaic Francis.

  4. Dancing for mercy & justice: "Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf Defends Killing Babies in Dismemberment Abortions"

    "Holocaust education advocates are divided over whether to support legislation mandating that the subject be taught in Pennsylvania public schools. Some say there is little chance of such legislation passing and thus they are in favor of a bill with no mandate that they say would still lead to more students learning about the Holocaust. Would you as governor approve legislation with a Holocaust education mandate and would you also sign a bill that provides money but no mandate for such education?

    "I believe we must raise our youngest residents to be compassionate, tolerant and knowledgeable about the world outside of their community, outside of Pennsylvania and outside of the United States. I know from my work with the York Jewish Community Center that organizations are doing an exemplary job of partnering with schools and community organizations to ensure that future generations continue to learn about the Holocaust.

    "Pennsylvania does not allow women who signed up for health insurance from the Affordable Care Act exchange to purchase abortion coverage. Would you push for repealing the law passed under Corbett?

    "Yes, I have always been a proud supporter of a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. In addition to repealing this law, I will fight any legislation that places unnecessary restrictions on women’s health choices.

    "Do you support legalizing same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania? If so, how would you push for it? If not, what would you do to ensure the laws don’t change?

    I support full marriage equality, and I strongly believe that government should not be in the businesses of denying two people who love each other the right to enter into a marriage and enjoy the love and benefits that come with it. As governor, I will seek to repeal the state’s unconstitutional gay marriage ban and support legislation to recognize marriage equality in the Commonwealth."

  5. With robots soon to be replacing humans (its already happening) abortion,lesbian/sodomite acceptance and marriage,etc..
    I think we arw living in the end times.
    No other generation has had to worry about robots taking our jobs.

    1. Guess you never heard of the industrial revolution where job were taken by machines. Everyone is so self congratulatory that slavery was eliminated in the 19th century in Western countries, but no-one credits machines for replacing the slaves (or electricity & running water)--like cotton gin, vacuum sweeper, washing machine, etc. In the last 50 years many jobs have been taken by computers--remember phone operators, cashiers, those who pumped gas, secretaries. Elmination of paper has felled whole industries--and yet there is still work. I wonder that you are not more worried about Chinese, Latin Americans and Muslims taking your job than robots.

      Re the sexual revolution: it seems to me that artificial contraception is at the root of it. Could be that the ability to have sex constantly w/out fear of pregnancy is just too big a temptation to resist (like the ability to eat and eat and eat w/out getting fat), but no question it has ruined us morally. Now a culture of murderers and sexual perverts who seek only our own pleasure.

    2. Hey Genius humans had jobs during the industrial revolution!
      Robots are replacing humans and in 5-10 years no one will have jobs and they are creating robot sex machines.
      Get it know all genius?
      We are being replaced and no generation has ever had to go through this before!

    3. You said it yourself: robots are (sex) MACHINES! Re Jobs: who builds the robots? Who repairs the robots? Who manages the robots? Who mines the material that robots are made out of (i.e. makes the component parts)? Just because people buy sex dolls, do you think robots will sit in meetings, attend conferences, go on vacations, waste our money and time and create bad laws in the congress? Will robots sit on the boards of major corporations, will robots run think tanks and have babies? Will robots perform surgery and invent new machines? Will they be scientists, explorers, archaeologists, priests, nuns, journalists, entertainers, writers, artists etc.? P.S. It doesn't take a genius to be sick and tired of a generation of whiners who have so much free time that all they do is get into sin--aristocrats & rich (think Romans/Greeks & on thru the ages like Henry VIII and Louis XIV, Edward VIII & movie/pop stars) have always got into these same vices. Your prediction of no-one having a job in 5-10 years (think Trump's presidency is 4 years) is as about as realistic as the climate change predictions of Al Gore. If you were to die if your prediction didn't come true would you still say in 5-10 years no-one will have a job? Just think how much money we'd save if no more federal workers -- but do you think gov't will let that happen? Proposal to close the post office on Saturday turns into the post office delivering mail on Sunday--go figure!

  6. It is rather the cameraman who is hopping up and down.