Tuesday, June 13, 2017

the day Saint John Paul II was exorcised by a Mexican witch doctor

“To this day, I recall being in Mexico City with John Paul II in 2002 for the canonization Mass of Juan Diego, and watching a female Mexican shaman perform a dancing purification ritual on the pontiff with a bit of shrubbery during the Mass - in effect, the witch doctor exorcised John Paul. (Marini later explained that the ritual is part of traditional Mexican religiosity, arguing there’s a time-honored thrust in Christianity to “baptize” such expressions of popular faith.)”

— John L. Allen writing in New parlor game

witchcraft incorporated into the new rite by a future saint

the entire mess



  1. Would an orthodox Christian, a saint, let Aztec witches to do their demonic rituals on him? Well, I wouldn't, and I'm not even a saint!

  2. This fella (JP2) was worse than Francis because he was a validily ordained Priest & validily consecrated Bishop.
    He was raised in and practiced the true faith as a cleric,even as a True Bishop.
    At least Bergoglio has the excuse of being cultivated in the Novus Ordo.