Thursday, June 29, 2017

the Money Powers, Eastern Orthodoxy, alt-right, Gnosticism, etc..

The former RCGentlemanScholar blog which now goes by the moniker of Catholic Kulchur has an inaugural podcast in which he explains that his blog and future podcasts will deconstruct the Money Powers, Eastern Orthodoxy, the alt-right, Gnosticism, and much more.  We featured two of his posts on this blog A Genealogy of Love Power... that demonstrates how ‘Love Power’ spread from the Renaissance Neoplatonist Fr. Marsilio Ficino to our modern age and another ‘Spirit Cooking’ in the Renaissance which delves into the similarity of Marina Abramović’s spirit cooking and Fr. Marsilio Ficino’s recipes for maintaining youth.  Of late, has been writing about Gnosticism and Satanism in Eastern Orthodoxy.

Since writing the above, Catholic Kulchur has come out with an excellent second podcast on the Eastern Orthodox writer Rod Dreher and his error filled book The Benedict Option.

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