Friday, June 2, 2017

The Pope Video — Season 2 Episode 6

Not one mention of Jesus the Christ, nor His Kingship!

Francis, it’s absurd to think there can be peace without Jesus the Christ and His Kingship.  Peace will not come from the naturalist humanist noahide perennialism you promote.  Which one of your roads to perdition will lead the world to peace much less save souls?  It’s time for you to convert to the Faith and stop with the modernist claptrap.


  1. Bergoglio: Peter the worst sinner:

  2. Turning the novus ordo into Tikkun olan or noahide worship is his goal.
    I could be wrong but I am judging by his actions.

  3. Pope Francis is the Serpent's tail of Paul VI

    Pope Francis is following the Satanist impostor Paul VI who - surrendered - the papal crown and papal ring to the UN - Secretary General, a Buddhist - in 1964 - then he as pope went to pray at the UN Satanic prayer room, watch this video below.

    ALL Catholics must watch this video to understand why Pope Francis is behaving and talking as he is today. You are right to notice and say to him, --Francis, it’s absurd to think there can be peace without Jesus the Christ and His Kingship.

    Pope Paul VI was an impostor who sold the Catholic Church's soul to the Devil-the-UN -- and all popes are his tail -- the Serpent's tail.

    Then he built the Paul VI Hall - the temple of Satan in the Vatican - where Pope Francis meets every week - gullible sheeps Catholics who empower the Devil in the Vatican -- swallowed-up inside the belly of the Serpent.

    Watch this video of Paul VI Hall where there is not one single crucifix or one holy statue or one holy image except the horrendous sculptor of a supposedly risen (deformed zombie shaped) Christ! Wake up (stupid) Catholics from your slumber

  4. Catholics and Christians, WAKE UP from your stupid OBEDIENCE!

    Jews are NOT the "Chosen People" of God, Christians are

    Greater Israel plan is the cause of all wars. When you read this – everything that is going on in the middle-east comes into context


    The Jewish War on Whites. The Jews are deliberately destroying America and Europe. They have always wanted to destroy Whites.

    Full of Goy

    White Genocide

    The Truth About Refugees - Video by Paul Joseph Watson. Thousands of Only young black men are being ferried - like free taxi - from Africa to Italy. Palermo used to be a tourist city now it's a pigsty filled with only young black men who gang rape young white girls – to carry out the Jewish plan to White Genocide. - Paul Joseph Watson articles and videos

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