Friday, July 28, 2017

Francis’ Message of the Day

One of Francis’ fellow Jesuits, Fr. Eduardo J. Dougherty, has launched a new service, a one to two minute video message about Francis and his message emailed to you every day.  These will be “inspirational videos that contains useful, positive content, keeping subscribers in touch and in tune with the Pope on a daily basis.”  Just think, the gospel according to Francis brought to you by Brazilian Charismatics every day!  It’s enough to make one feel nauseous.  Be sure to let Fr. Dougherty (he speaks English) know by phone at +55 19 3871.9620 and let him know what you think of Francis’ Message of the Day, especially when the heresy and blasphemy of Francis inevitably hits your inbox.

Surprise!!! It’s more of ‘humble’ Francis!

Fr. Eduardo J. Dougherty lays out his grand plans

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