Thursday, July 20, 2017

George Neumayr interviewed by Tom Woods

The Political Pope by George Neumayr

Ep. 952 Pope Francis: The Political Pope

 George Neumayr & Thomas Woods, Jr.


  1. Thanks for posting this. It was a good listen. The refreshing part was the host wouldn't give a pass to any past papal claimants staring with John XXIII. You are not going to be well received by ,even mildly, questioning JPII. Don't blast me. I'm just saying that it's refreshing to hear people who consider themselves conservative Catholics actually speaking in a better tone than you get from the remnant crew. The "I don't understand what's going on. How can they let these things happen",whining like a little child crew. It's a little step. Maybe someone who listens to that show will do some research and "discern" the sedevacantist position.

  2. This is one big Talmudic charade. Lets see Francis appoints Sarah to "defend" the liturgy ....huh? Sarah writes articles and books "defending"conservative-traditional liturgy. Benedict writes preface to Sarah book..."The liturgy is in good hands" it. Whoa...Sarah purposes "new" liturgy blending of EF and the Novus Ordo...bye bye EF. The left-right paradigm is carefully set up....Benedict-Sarah vs Bergoglio...if Sarah is for it it must be it. But the two "opposite" sides are just advancing their Hegelian dialectic....thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Very clever these people.