Monday, July 24, 2017

the scandal of Elizabeth Lev & Thomas Williams

Mr. Frank Walker opines on the matter.


  1. Ordained in the deformed new rites of Paulette VI so likely not a true priest anyway.

  2. What do Novus Ordo ppl expect?!?!
    He's not a true priest due to novus ordo "ordination" but,as long these ppl support the Novus Ordo and avoid the Catholic Church,keep expecting these events to happen.

  3. Well, stop listenin' to the (catholic) press about the great "prolife" "catholic" MS. Glendon (her mama) do your own research and maybe you'll realize how you were conned and herded into standing by for the murder of 60 million babies from the JP2 "prolife" AUL Judie Brown (millionaire on church printing contracts) get-go: "It remains to be seen whether Ms. Glendon, 56, will prove to be a kind of stealth weapon for the Vatican line, as her critics contend, or represents a new Vatican intention to seek out consensus...She was raised as a Catholic but has a personal history that is as complex as her politics. In her early twenties, she went to Mississippi to take part in the civil rights movement. There she met her first husband, whom she describes as "an African-American lawyer," and with whom she had her first child.

    They later divorced, although Ms. Glendon takes pains to note that it had been a "civil marriage." She considers her subsequent church-sanctioned marriage to Edward Lev, now a retired lawyer and writer and a Jew, as "my first marriage." ...Ms. Glendon was born in the small town of Dalton, in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, where her father was a reporter for the Berkshire Eagle. When she was 12, he taught her how to keep score in baseball, then had her cover a semi-pro league, a job she kept through high school and summers while at college at the University of Chicago.

    She has three daughters, now all in their twenties: one from her first marriage, one adopted from Korea, and one with Mr. Lev.

    "We are very proud to celebrate diversity in our family," she said. "One of the things I love about the Catholic church is that it embraces one billion people in all corners of the earth."

    Ms. Glendon still (8/28/1995!) goes to Mass every Sunday and her daughters have all been raised as Catholics (or what passes for that in VC2 land). ..."I think it is very difficult for people to understand the church's teaching in a permissive, secular society." She insisted that the church is "not opposed to family planning." Decisions on the number and spacing of children should be made by parents "in view of their responsibility to each other, existing children, and God," she said.

    Only events will tell, but Ms. Glendon may well be the perfect weapon in Beijing for a Vatican that knows it will never get its way entirely but hopes to steer the world toward its own vision of women's progress (3 illegitimate children, fornicating w/a priest and serving like bergolio's divorced and remarried sister as a catechist and role model for "Catholics"(hah)!).[TldSch]

    "He (Edward Lev) is survived by his wife, Mary Ann Glendon, his daughters Elizabeth Lev, Sarah Hood and Katherine Lev; his grandchildren Claire and Giulia Giangravè, Joshua Glendon (how'd he get Glendon for a last name?), William, Matthew, and Caroline Hood;

    Be sure to watch the video...

    "What is clearly 'old-fashioned' today is the old feminism of the 1970s – with its negative attitudes toward men, marriage and motherhood"

    "This writer has examined several sources in Spanish and English and learned that Pope Francis’ younger sister Maria Elena, now 68, has been divorced and married a second time, and has a son from each husband.... “He recounts that his mother is a catechist.”
    She is, according to her son José Ignacio, a catechist!!!!!"

  4. Liv Lev is a jew. Do you wonder why she is amoral and wants to rearrange the furniture in the Catholic Church?