Saturday, August 5, 2017

a hypocritical communist gasbag endorses his fellow hypocritical communist gasbag

Al Gore says he could become Catholic because 
of Francis and don’t forget to read Laudato si'!

Al Gore, whose family made a fortune fronting for communist owned (Armand Hammer) oil and coal companies and who also lives like a king while advocating austerity for everyone else, blows the hot air of glo-BULL warming out of his mouth.  Al wants to control and tax every aspect of your life including how many children one can have but he believes this is a-ok as it’s for a spiritual and moral cause glo-BULL warming.  Just don’t ask the high priest why he sold his television company to one of the biggest oil conglomerates or why he gases his private jet up to fly all over the world to attend parties with polluters.  And don’t be a climate denier!

straight from the mouth of the high priest 
& communist errand boy

(begins at 14 minutes)



  1. Good grief liberals have no problem with hypocrisy and finally I think I know why. Democrats are fine with their Kings living like Kings, and that they themselves have less. Isn't that the very definition of communism or socialism in essence? The governors live well while the governed do as they can with the pittance left over? This must be why they don't notice Al Gore's incredible hypocrisy, the same with the gross Katy Perry, who bemoans the wall around the southern border as she builds one around her mansion, same with Johnny Depp and the other "celebrities". It's the same reason why many Americans are ok with horrible healthcare, inflicted on us by the people who made themselves exempt and got a better healthcare plan!

  2. Will Al and Hillary go to the local communist homo retirement home and give it up please?

  3. Al's new movie--the reason he has been appearing everywhere in the media saying a wide range of ridiculous things--opened over the weekend at No. 15. People apparently liked watching paint dry more than going to Al's movie. Dumb gets dumber.