Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Francis expresses his closeness to the oldest sect of protestanism (400 years before Martin Luther) in latest letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
On the occasion of the opening of your annual Synod, I wish to express the Catholic Church’s and my own closeness to you. I greet you fraternally and assure you with much cordiality of my remembrance in prayer.
I keep alive in my memory our recent meetings at Turin and Rome, as well as those in Argentina. I am grateful for the beautiful testimonies I have received and for the many faces I cannot forget. I hope that these days of sharing and reflection, which are taking place on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, are animated by the joy of putting yourselves before the face of Christ; may His gaze, which is turned to us, be the source of our peace, so that we feel ourselves beloved children of the Father and makes us see others, the world and history in new way.
May Jesus’ gaze also illumine our relations, so that they are not only formal and correct but fraternal and lively. The Good Shepherd wills us to be on the way together, and His gaze now embraces all of us, His disciples that He desires to see fully united.
It is so important to walk towards full unity, with a look of hope that acknowledges the presence of God stronger. It is so especially today, in a world marked by violence and fear, of lacerations and indifference, where the egoism of affirming oneself at the expense of others darkens the simple beauty of welcoming, sharing and loving one another. However, our Christian witness cannot yield to the logic of the world: together we must help one another to choose and live the logic of Christ!
I thank you with fraternal affection and ask you, please, not to forget to pray for me and for all of us your brothers and sisters.
From the Vatican, August 10, 2017
[Original text: Italian]
© Translation by ZENIT, Virginia M. Forrester



  1. A Catholic wouldn't touch those heretics with a ten foot pole, let alone express some closeness.

  2. Guess he got excited when he heard pro-abort, pro-sodomite, murder anyone that gets in my way Hilary Clinton might become a Methodist preacher...

    “illary Clinton now has some interest in becoming a Methodist preacher, according to The Atlantic.

    Clinton’s pastor Bill Shillady told The Atlantic that Clinton had expressed interest in preaching when he saw her at a photo shoot for his book...Hillary Rodham grew up attending First United Methodist Church in the conservative suburb of Park Ridge, Illinois, often taking field trips into Chicago with her youth pastor to see figures like Martin Luther King Jr.,” Green notes. “While other girls were flipping through beauty mags, she was reading about Vietnam and poverty in a now-defunct magazine for Methodist students called motive.”

  3. This "church," to whose synod Pope Francis sent a letter expressing hope for full union, which he believes already exists in the eyes of Christ ...

    ... calls for recognition of homosexual unions

    Catholic World News – August 24, 2017

    As the Waldensian synod meets near Turin, the body’s family commission said in a statement that the community recognizes “gay couples and their rights” and called for “awareness, openness, and accompaniment” toward “new forms of relationship that are already in existence in society.”

    The commission called for the recognition of a “plurality of family models present in society” as well as “their ecclesiastical recognition through the blessing of civil unions recognized by the State.” The full synod is expected to approve the commission’s statement in the coming days, according to La Repubblica.