Friday, August 25, 2017

Francis sends a video to Argentina’s Ezeiza Federal Penitentiary

“The inmates are paying a penalty, a penalty for an error committed. However, let’s not forget that for the penalty to be fruitful it must have a horizon of hope, otherwise it remains shut-in on itself and is only an instrument of torture; it’s not fruitful.”

Apparently, Francis’ regular phone calls to the prisoners weren’t enough so he made them a video and don’t forget that torture is a mortal sin in all its forms including serving time!


  1. Torture might be described as having to watch a video from sour sow bergoglio...

    Meanwhile for "hate" crimes as defined by Bergoglio's "Peace and Justice" SPLC, what is the sentence?

    Maybe they should give felons' hope by hastening their deaths like pervert pig stink Piglia (and the sow that appointed him, bergoglio) advocated for Charlie Gard:

    Was death of Charlie Gard hastened?

    Oh, but the death penalty is wrong for felons (why should we pay to keep murderers alive--seriously, who's paying for sour sow to live like a big pig off Jesus Christ's blood in the Vatican--surely much better uses for money than keeping bergoglio and his Team B of boy rapists alive???!

    Sow Bergoglio never calls for a world free of baby murder! No murdering 10,000 babies is GREAT! Don't forget Emma Bonino--let her speak in church to tell us all about those poor immigrant refugees that she, Bergoglio & Piglia would have slaughtered in the womb if they'd only had the chance...

    Like the devil, the more people you murder the more sow bergoglio and his band of pervert atheist, communist, child sodomizing and murdering pigs is on your side:

  2. Torture might be described as having to watch a video from sour sow bergoglio... You are correct indeed, the mere mention of his name is enough to send shivers down your spine let alone watch a diabolical video of the clown!