Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Abp. Víctor Manuel ‘Tucho’ Fernández’s obscene poetry

Sáname con tu Boca: El Arte de Besar

Abp. Victor Manuel ‘Tucho’ Fernandez (aka Smoochie) wrote a book in 1995 while a priest,
in the diocese of Villa de la Concepción del Río Cuarto, titled, Sáname con tu Boca: El Arte de Besar (Heal Me with your Mouth: The Art of Kissing).  Hence, the nickname given to him by the internet — ‘Smoochie’.  Until recently this book had only been available in Spanish but thanks to an anonymous person the entire work with its disturbing content and images is available online in English for free. (***** WARNING IMMODEST IMAGES & LANGUAGE *****)

In the Introduction, Smoochie Fernández explains,
“I want to clarify that this book was not written based on my own experience, but based on the lives of people who kiss. In these pages I want to synthesize the popular feeling, what people feel when they think of a kiss, what mortals experience when they kiss.

For that I chatted at length with many people who have abundant experience in this area, and also with many young people who learn to kiss in their own way.

I also consulted many books, and I wanted to show how the poets talk about the kiss. So, trying to synthesize the immense richness of life, these pages emerged in favor of kissing. I hope that they help you kiss better, that they motivate you to release the best of your being in a kiss.”

The book goes on to explore kissing with chapters on:  What is a kiss for?; Paths that lead to a kiss; What the poets say; The anti-kiss; What is said on the street; An infinite kiss; and The supermystic kiss.  Tucked into the book are two poems by Fernández on what else...kissing, that are not only disturbing but obscene.  Keep in mind as you read these poems that Fernández is a good friend and confidant of Francis who also ghostwrote Laudato Si’, Evangelii Gaudium, and Amoris Laetitia for him.  Also, remember Francis’ obsession with kissing, caressing, and tenderness, in fact he cannot kiss enough people whether they are: teenagers, refugees, altar boys, the disabled, babies, or socialist leaders who support abortion.  One is the company that one keeps and Francis’ is not only disturbing but anti-Catholic.

“He that walketh with the wise, shall be wise:
a friend of fools shall become like to them.”

 Abp. Víctor Manuel ‘Tucho’ Fernández

You don’t notice,
Your lips murder.
Your eyes don’t notice,
the wandering eyes
that are preoccupied
before the divine flesh
of your mouth. 
And you pensively miss
with that open mouth,
while behind you remain
the raving lunatics.
Come on down, my dear,
before you awaken
someone desperate
with a terrible hickey.
How was God
so cruel
as to give you that mouth…
There is no one who resists me,
hide it (Víctor M. Fernández).

 Francis and Tucho Fernandez go way back.

It strikes me,
this tricky mixture
of love and disappointment,
of desire and rejection,
of hope and fear.
And also this dream
which I do not want to fulfill.
To desire with all your soul
and to discover suddenly
that I no longer love you so much
that I no longer can
support the weight
of immense passion,
that infinite risk,
that mortal leap,
the dangerous game
that begins on your lips
and then
who knows… (Víctor M. Fernández).

 Francis ‘the humble’ ‘spiritual hugger’ and his ghostwriter ‘Smoochie’ Fernandez.

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  1. Hugs and kisses, we're all going to heaven!

    1. This photoshop of fake-pope Francis as a BROWN Judas Iscariot kissing Christ to hand Him over to the Jewish-crucifixion-deicide got to be one of the best interpretation of who Francis really is.

      You should open up a contest so people can send in their artwork on how they see Jorge and you'll be surprised at how some can see the evil within him - no matter how he hides it with his smile and white clothe, he still comes out as the Devil in white clothing!!

  2. In other words, if you don't give in and kiss me, I'll jump on you and start sucking your neck like a vampire.
    This is so clearly sexual "poetry". It has all the intellectual weight of a ninth grader. It is simply incredible that someone in his position wrote this, and that the Bishop of Rome has brought this filth into St. Peter's.
    I have long noticed the Bishop of Rome's penchant for physical words, touch, embrace, flesh, etc. He barely conceals his own thoughts. I once attributed it to a language difference.
    May God deliver us soon from this papacy and restore His Church!

  3. "And you pensively miss
    with that open mouth,
    while behind you remain
    the raving lunatics.


  4. Song of Songs adapted for the 21 st century .Will there be a part two. What to do with your mouth ,when your not dialoging.

  5. Ecumenical 'encounter'

  6. Bergoglio is the worst plague that has entered the Catholic Church -- he is the best tool of Freemasonry.

    He refuse to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament because he is their puppet and they want Our Lord Jesus Christ to be crucified in the modern way -- by blasphemy and ridicule.

    In his trip to Colombia, one of the sculpture of Christ was without armsv- (as if he was a handicap mutilatede person - imagine the Son of God - all mutilated - worse than the crucifixion where He was hanged as a whole body -- but it is said in Scripture - Now these things happened so that the Scripture would be fulfilled: “Not one of His bones will be broken.” John 19:36 Pope Francis is crucifying Christ in a new way in the 21st century -- by difiguring Him everywhere He goes - Pope Francis is the Devil in white clothes.

    Pope Francis is finishing off what Paul VI began inside the Evil UN

    https://nazareusrex.blogspot.ca/ - Exposing his evil Spanish footsteps in Columbia