Tuesday, September 19, 2017

‘Diabolical Disorientation’ in Post Falls, Idaho

or an (Im)modest wedding in the FSSPX


The scandal plagued FSSPX group in Post Falls, Idaho.

Recently we covered the FSSPX of Great Britain’s “St. Michael’s School Child Protection Policy, Procedure and Guidance” document which is absolutely filthy and morally disgusting.  This led us to inquire just who is driving the bus?  Previously we wrote about Bp. Fellay baptizing bells — while one of the co-participants who rang the bells was a woman wearing a very immodest short dress with cap sleeves — and rhetorically asked “Is Fellay changing modernist Rome or modernist Rome changing Fellay?”

Bp. Fellay has no problems with immodesty.

And now onto a wedding with immodestly dressed guests and members of the wedding party.  The wedding happened this past summer at Immaculate Conception Church in Post Falls, Idaho.  Immaculate Conception is the 2nd largest SSPX enclave in the United States of America after St. Mary’s in Kansas and we refer to it as scandal plagued because of their association with the convicted pedophile Kevin Sloniker and the disturbing rumors which continue to swirl about the academy connected to the church.

The snapshots and one photo posted below were all found on social media.  The behavior and the immodesty demonstrated in them leads us at Call Me Jorge... to sadly conclude that the FSSPX doesn’t have far to go to finish assimilating with the Novus Ordo.

Yes, we know that not every guest at a wedding is necessarily a Catholic nor do they understand what modesty is.   The responsibility for immodestly dressed guests lies squarely with the priest and the couple who are to get married.  It is prudent for them to explain in the wedding invitation the type of respectful dress that is expected when one is present at a Catholic Mass in front of the Blessed Sacrament.   We could give them a mulligan or the benefit of the doubt if it were only a few guests but when it includes members of the wedding party it leads us to conclude that the priest sadly wasn’t properly formed at the SSPX seminary nor was the couple properly catechised on modesty.

How will the FSSPX “fight the modernists” in Rome and restore Catholic tradition in the world when the Society is failing at the basics like this?  Does this ‘bastion’ of Catholicism and its members understand the Catholic Faith?  Or do they choose to practice it only when it suits them?  

Please keep this young married couple and the priest in your prayers.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

(click image to enlarge)

Woman in the vestibule in tight jeans.

Woman with no veil.

Flower girl with no veil and cap sleeves.

Woman in jeans with baby.

Woman without a veil and a man in shorts!

Woman with mini-skirt, a plunging neckline Pius XI
wouldn't approve of and bare shoulders.

 Bride without a veil covering her head and 
exposed arms with the priest smiling on. (PHOTO)


  1. It's obvious that some of the SSPX laity are ignorant and/or infected by the world as far as their sense of acceptable attire.
    Let's face it, some people are incorrigible and obstinate, having a stinky attitude where they "don't like being dictated to by the Church."

    However, I'd tend to focus on the SSPX clergy, who, as you rightly point out, should be instructing their flocks and laying down the law to the recalcitrant. What you've exposed is primarily a failing on the part of the clergy. But what do you expect,they're too busy dreaming of the day when they can reconcile with Frankie and then triumphantly arrive in Rome with a bevy of mini-skirted bimbos to fight the Modernists.

  2. Out of respect for the church, please dress appropriately.

    IS THERE A DRESS CODE? Out of respect to the Blessed Sacrament please wear modest formal attire. Ladies are requested to wear head covering in the church. Thank you!

    Attire: Formal

    Attire: Semi-formal

    Attire: Formal

    No mention


    Your wedding is currently on their facebook page.

    From Kansas City, MO
    Church Attire
    Please keep in mind that the wedding ceremony will take place in the church, and as such we ask that attire be modest and appropriate.


    Skirts and dresses should go past the knee
    Tops should not be low-cut and should cover the shoulders
    Veils are required, some will be provided


    No T-shirts
    No jeans
    Ties are recommended

  3. Hello Anon @ 7:12 pm

    Are we playing "Let's catch SSPXers doing it right!"

    The blogger/owner (?) (I don't know anything about anyone connected to this blog) has exposed Bp. Fellay during a ceremony in close proximity to a woman whose attire falls outside the definition of modest dress. This looks bad because... er... it *is* bad. Also exposed were the bride (with the similarly exposed shoulders) and the positively beaming priest.
    The question still stands: Did a member of the SSPX clergy properly catechize the lovely affianced couple and if so how did it come about that a wedding dress so judiciously chosen (I have married sisters - I know the scrupulous care taken in the selection of bridal attire) ended up being immodest?

  4. The SSPX kisses up to the Novus Ordo and it was only a matter of time before they became Novus Ordo.
    Anyone with a clue needs to get out and attend a Sedevacantist chapel asap.
    The die hard Traditional Catholics are not going to change the SSPX.If anything they will change you into a proper ecumenical Novus Ordo idolater.

  5. A esa mujer la mandó algún enemigo de la frater para luego denigrar la institución difundiendo la foto .

  6. I know this comment comes a year later, but -- I got married at TLM church (everything in the Latin rite). We all dressed modestly and appropriately (veils on correctly, etc). We even asked guests in the invitations to follow the dress code. Did they? Some did, a lot didn't. It was an embarrassment.

    Girls were showing up in disgusting dresses. One wore spaghetti straps so her tattoos could show, which ruined a few what-would-have-been good photos. I didn't even want to invite certain people, but to keep peace with my future in-laws... ugh. Looking back, I wish I took a more upper hand. My husband shrugs because he's been to many weddings in his family and says it's just how people dress. *sigh*

  7. Commenting much later than when the OP posted. Does this really matter? To a degree, yes. But to the point of creating a blog article to attack someone's wedding? Come on people. If you are that bothered by it, speak with the priest. Sinning by calumny is no way to right wrongs in the Church. Especially when they are relatively small in this particular case.

    1. Not to mention publicly sharing unauthorized photos and videos of minors!

  8. I see a lot of butt hurt Williamson Trads have learned what the internet is and that is not the mark of the beast. With these developments they will soon be modernist and all will be lost.

  9. Although I agree that modesty is extremely important (and it is lacking in the examples you cited), in their defense, these photos feature a wedding. In weddings, there's always non-sspxers (relatives, friends) at Mass. This happens with all traditional groups, when they have a baptism or a marriage. There's always some outsiders attending that one time, and brings immodesty with them. And even if these were regular SSPX attendees, like others have said, some people are either ignorant or stubborn. But to blame the SSPX at large for these cases seems like an exaggeration.