Thursday, October 26, 2017

the new evangelization in Germany

We, at Call Me Jorge..., couldn’t believe they found German children to make this video.  Germany in 1995 had 1.25 births per woman most recently, in 2015, has shown an increase to 1.50 births per woman only because of the arrival of Moslem ‘refugees’ (aka conquerors).  This is still below replacement level.  Please pray for these poor children and the country they live in.

Germany children ape Catholic Faith & imitate ghetto rappers


  1. In Maryland, the first state (at the instigation of Catholic legislators Mike Miller & Jim Rosapepe) to pass a law protecting funding for planned parenthood, they got the Catholic youth doing "haunted toy stores" that may be too scary for younger children (as a religious fund raising activity!) and skeletons in top hats in the bulletin--trunk or treat and punkin patch fundraising activities (Treats and drinks for sale)!

    Halloween is a bigger kiddie event than Christmas (not surprising since they're priests and parents are sodomite, pedophile, baby murdering, devil worshipers)!

  2. The future of antichurch.