Sunday, October 8, 2017

What Francis meant when he said the church must “honestly recognize her weaknesses and shortcomings” and join the “cultural revolution”

“There is a real cultural revolution on the horizon of history at this time. The Church must, first and foremost, be part of it. In this perspective, it is essential to honestly recognize her weaknesses and shortcomings.”

Francis said the above to members of the Pontifical Academy for Life this past week.  Recall this is the same group which already uses the ambiguous politically-correct “genders” in its new statutes instead of the easily understood “sex”.  Not only that, but Francis also appointed not one but two pro-abortion Talmudic rabbis as members.  Francis’ “real cultural revolution” is one which inculcates pewsitters into Noahides compliant with Halakhic law, further processing them into followers of the demented rabbis.  We encourage readers unfamiliar with this topic to read the linked post below.  It should set the reader straight as to what Francis meant when he said in his address that he wants a, “deepening of scientific, anthropological and ethical knowledge, and in service to life.”  Francis, in reality, desires a future for the Novus Ordo filled with man-made superstitions, pedophilia, and rabbinic racial supremacy.

Every day under Francis, the Novus Ordo churches are coming closer to resembling synagogues and the Vatican a shtetl.


  1. Apostate Jesuit pet blessing inside the Church

  2. Estaba profetizado que el falso profeta instalaría falsos sacramentos para conferir la marca del anticristo a sus seguidores desde Argentina Bergoglio profanó el Sacramento del Bautismo apoyando las adopciones gay

  3. One need only look at the disfigured distorted Crosses these people use. Scroll down to view the horrendous sculpture of the way of the Cross presented in Columbia.


  5. Just as the people behind Vatican II did, Francis favours the Church changing as necessary, changing even its dogma, in order to avoid losing Church members as society becomes more sinful. It is true that the Catholic Church must necessarily lose more members if the cultural revolution continues; but the only correct response of the Church is to fight against the cultural revolution. The Church may change neither its teachings, which are truth, nor its sacraments, which are founded on truth. If the Church lies any more than it already does, and if it joins the atheists in propagating evil teachings, then it will be worse than useless. The Vatican must accept the fact that the membership of the Church will shrink as people become more hedonistic, sinful, and irreligious. It is time for a Pope who does accept this, who proclaims the truth in spite of its rejection by the modern world. The Church must respond to declining membership by evangelising, while never lying nor omitting a single word of its long-established doctrine.

  6. LeonG saïd.. ...You and your libéral lefty comrades are 5he weakness of the Church.. .neither papal nor Roman Catholic ... .get out of the Church you seem to despise so much and which you spend most of your time disparaging.

  7. 10 Catholic reasons to hate abortion

    1-First, foremost and always, abortion is murder; atrocious, brutal, bloody, satanic murder.

    2-Abortion is unthinkable to God.

    3-Abortion is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ to Satan.

    4-Abortion is the same sin as Judas, the same sin as Satan and the same sin as Cain all at the same time

    5-The aborted baby cries out to God for vengeance against all who participated in this murder. Pro-lifers who tried to stop her also cry out to God for vengeance.

    6-God has said in the Bible that if you murder a baby He will murder you.

    7-Nobody in the Bible was ever forgiven of first degree, premeditated murder as in abortion.

    8-The abortive woman is the primary murderer with the greatest sin; the abortionist is the secondary murder (and mass murderer).

    9-Women who die from abortion are guilty of suicide and murder.

    10-98% of all abortions are performed on healthy mothers of healthy babies.