Saturday, November 18, 2017

Francis, “all of us are God’s children.”

Dear friends,
As I prepare to visit Myanmar, I want to send a word of greeting and friendship to all its people. I look forward to this time we will have together.
I am coming to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, a message of reconciliation, forgiveness and peace. My visit is meant to confirm the Catholic community of Myanmar in its worship of God and in its witness to the Gospel, which teaches the dignity of every man and woman, and commands us to open our hearts to others, especially to the poor and those in need.
At the same time, I wish to visit the nation in a spirit of respect and encouragement for every effort to build harmony and cooperation in the service of the common good. We are living at a time when religious believers and people of good will everywhere sense the need to grow in mutual understanding and respect and to support each other as members of our one human family. For all of us are God’s children.
I know that many in Myanmar are working hard to prepare for my visit, and I thank them. I ask everyone to pray that my days among you will be a source of hope and encouragement to everyone. Upon you and your families, I invoke the divine blessings of joy and peace! 
See you soon!

In one manner, we are ‘all God’s children’ but not in the sense that Francis meant it.  This is a typical example of how Francis twists the Faith every so slightly to make it mean the opposite of what has been traditionally taught by the Church.  Francis uses this term after stating that, “We are living at a time when religious believers and people of good will everywhere sense the need to grow in mutual understanding and respect and to support each other as members of our one human family.”  The Baltimore Catechism #3 says, “The chief creatures of God are angels and men” (Q. 214) and “Baptism is a Sacrament which cleanses us from original sin, makes us Christians, children of God, and heirs of heaven.” (Q. 621).  So how can the 51.5 million people of Myanmar (Burma) ‘all be children of God’ when the population is 87.9% Buddhist, 6.2% Christian, 4.3% Moslem, and 1.6% other?  Does Francis understand the Sacrament of Baptism?



  1. Adam was child of God, but he lost that privilege as rebelling angels did before him, and all his descendants i.e. all humans are not children of God any more.
    That is why baptism is the most important sacrament without whom there is no salvation, with whom we became children of God.
    Leon XIII was first who was sitting in st.Peter's chair who said judeo-masonic heresy that all people are God's children:

  2. He does undestand baptism --- but the thing that your readers need to note is that absolutely nothing stands in the way of Francis' false ecumenism. He's here to destroy souls. Pure and simple.

  3. Att. Emil Brusic
    You are an obvious Feeneyite, and your venom directed towards a pope as great as Leo XIII is ugly and un-Catholic.

    1. Did I lie that Leon XIII wrote that all man are children of God?

  4. Men are children of God as creation, and children of God on the other hand according to divine filiation, by baptism.
    The difference is explained in the article.
    Ourladyresistance affirmed that Saint Pius X was the last Pope, that Benedict XV and following were anti-popes. Now they have extended this statement to Saint Pius X and Leo XIII. Who is the next one?

    1. So, plants are also children of God because God created them?
      Does God create any particular plant, or He created only first plants and after that plants multiply themselves?
      Did God create only Adam and from his rib Eve, or does He create each man's soul ex nihilo?
      If that is true, i.e. our souls are created ex nihilo as Adam's soul, then what we have common with Adam?
      Quilt i.e. original sin can not be conduct by body, only by soul because sin is in bad will, in soul.
      And try to find out what is traducianism:

  5. The unbaptized are creatures of God, not children.

    1. How can perfect and all benevolent God create someone who is with defect i.e. with original sin?
      All angels, Adam and Eve, animals and plants were created perfect without any defect because God can not make something which is missing some good.
      Rebel angels became bad by themselves, so it was with Adam and Eve, and there should be answer why any child has guilt before God even before he is born.
      God can not made something or someone with guilt and sin.

    2. All men have a soul. This has been created without sin. By joining the body, it receives the stain of original sin.

      All men are children of God - they have the same human soul, not of a plant - but by grace only the baptized are children of God, whether by water, or blood, or desire.

    3. It is non sense. Guilt is in soul, not in body which has no will neither good nor bad. God will be unjust if He create pure and innocent soul (and He can not create soul which is defect with sin) like Adam's soul, put her in body and somehow soul then receive original sin. Adam's children have original sin and guilt not because of body-genes which they receive from parents, but because their soul is made from soul of their parents which have guilt.
      I have thought a great deal about that, and traducianism is only answer to explain original sin i.e. need for baptism for anyone to be saved.

    4. And you wrote two contradict statements in the same sentence. First you wrote all men are children of God, and then you wrote only baptized are.
      By the way, baptism of desire is only theological speculation as it is limbo. It contradicts Jesus answer to Nikodem that nobody can enter Heavenly kingdom who is not born again from water and ('and' not 'or') spirit. And BOD was halfway to heresy of universal salvation, i.e. heresy which is promulgated by Bergoglio and Vatican sect, all men are children of God.

  6. Our Lord Jesus Christ accused Jews who did not believe in Him as "children of the devil." (John 8:44)

    No, they are not our brothers. Neither are the Moslems, Jihadists, Buddhists, Atheists, Hindi, New Agers, etc. Until they are baptized and believe in Jesus Christ, they are God's creatures, but not God's children.

  7. "They took no notice of their birthday, for at birth we are not children of grace, but rather Adamites or children of Adam. So they celebrate the day on which they were made children of God--the day of their Baptism." St. Francis de Sales,&source=bl&ots=J96qwUweir&sig=NPslWHPdNTLsGvJPIBBgwDwGz_0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjOmbHJ_M3XAhVB6SYKHax4AegQ6AEIJjAA#v=onepage&q=they%20took%20no%20notice%20of%20their%20birthday%2C&f=false