Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Pope Video — Season 1 Episode 1 Version 2

The Vatican has released a new version of their inaugural The Pope Video.  One can watch it if they so wish below as well as the original video.  The two videos are identical until they reach the 1 minute 6 seconds mark.  The new changes last until the 1 minute 22 seconds mark and are footage of Francis glad handling heads of heretical religions and giving out spiritual hugs. Regardless, the message is still one of modernism — a false one-world religion.

Who knew that Francis was a historical revisionist?

Then → Now

Then → Now

It’s a modern day version of Stalin’s vanishing commissar!

 the new version (15 November 2017)

original version (6 January 2016)


  1. If he loved so much, he would tell these people: Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Their response or lack thereof is really not his concern. If they reject him with the the message of Christ, he should leave their town and shake the dust of his feet. Such an action is one of peace. - You reject Truth, I did my work here, and now I go.

    How ridiculous that one acting as though he is pope, doesn't apply the basics in his... teaching.

  2. bergoglio's main mistake is to say everyone on earth is a child of God. Untrue, only baptized people become children of God. All others are God's creatures.

  3. Maybe the video has been "corrected."