Friday, November 24, 2017

Where there is smoke, there is fire...

...the cognitive dissonance of Francis’ zero tolerance ‘Who am I to judge?’ sex policies.

Euronews story - Sexual abuse among Vatican altar boys

“The accusations concern a former seminarian who is now a young priest for the Como dioceses and member of the Don Folci association. Reporter Gaetano Pecoraro interviewed an ex-student who said the seminarian would come into his dorm at night demanding oral sex, starting when he was 13 and continuing until he was 18. 
The seminarian was a year older and held a position of authority over the other students, reported the ex-student who was identified only as “Marco.” 
The student’s roommate, Kamil Jarzembowski, said he witnessed dozens of incidents, first denouncing them to seminary officials, and then in writing to cardinals and finally the pope in 2014. Church officials say internal church investigations were conducted, though initially not interviewing the boys in question, and the claims were determined to be false. 
The accused seminarian, meanwhile, was ordained a priest earlier this year. None of the accusers continued on to the priesthood. 
The former students, including another one who reported a groping incident when the seminarian was 20 and he was 15, have gone public with their allegations in a book and series of investigative television reports on the program “Le Iene” (The Hyenas). 
Their testimony prompted the Vatican to announce Nov. 18 that it was reopening an investigation into the case because “new elements” had emerged. The Vatican said it wanted to “shine full light on what really happened.” 
Before the Vatican acted, the Opera Don Folci lashed out at the ex-students’ allegations in a statement on its website, calling them “mud,” a “violent attack on the church” and nothing more than “calumny and falsifications.””
source: AP News, Catholic officials warn ex-seminarians over sex claims

Le Iene - Scandal in Vatican: New Witnesses

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