Sunday, November 26, 2017

Why doesn’t Francis just go ahead and declare Judas a saint?

The man in sneakers and the clothes of a layman interviewing 
Francis is Marco Pozza and he is a priest.

Francis is back at it again with one of his favorite pet projects, the rehabilitation of Judas.  We previously covered Francis and Judas in two posts on Call Me Jorge... :

This book, Padre Nostro (Our Father), contains 
Francis’ blasphemies and anti-Catholic ideas.

Francis has a soon to be released book, Padre Nostro, with Don Marco Pozza that is being published simultaneously with a television series also titled, Padre Nostro, airing on TV2000it.  Here’s part of the excerpt published by Il Corriere della Sera newspaper on 23 November 2017 and translated into English by Aleteia.
The third case, “the one that moves me most, is Judas’ shame,” the pope said.

“Judas is a difficult character to understand; there have been so many interpretations of his personality. In the end, however, when he sees what he has done, he turns to the ‘righteous,’ to the priests: ‘I have sinned: I handed over an innocent man to be killed.’ They answer him: ‘What does that matter to us? That’s your affair.’ (Matthew 27:3-10) Then he goes away with that guilt that suffocates him.”

The Pontiff invites us to imagine a different fate for Judas: “Perhaps if he had met the Virgin Mary, things would have gone differently, but the poor man goes away, doesn’t find a way out of his situation, and he went to hang himself.”

“But, there’s one thing that makes me think that Judas’ story doesn’t end there … Perhaps someone might think, ‘this pope is a heretic…’ But, no! They should go see a particular medieval capital of a column in the Basilica of St. Mary Magdalen in Vézelay, Burgundy [in France],” he said.

The Successor of Peter describes how people in the Middle Ages taught the Gospel through sculptures and paintings. “On that capital, on one side there is Judas, hanged; but on the other is the Good Shepherd who is carrying him on his shoulders and is carrying him away.”

He revealed that he has a photograph of that two-part capital behind his desk, because it helps him meditate. “There is a smile on the lips of the Good Shepherd, which I wouldn’t say is ironic, but a little bit complicit,” he describes.

“There are many ways of reacting to shame; one is to despair, but we must try to help despairing people to find the true path of shame, so they don’t go down the path that put an end to Judas’ life.”
Francis has a photo of this column behind his desk.

First off Francis is projecting the profane ideas of Fr. Primo Mazzolari onto this pillar of Basilica Sainte-Marie-Madeleine in Vézelay, Burgundy, France.  The late Fr. Primo Mazzolari gave a sermon on Holy Thursday in 1958 titled, Nostro Fratello Guida (Our Brother Judas) and Francis in the above quoted interview is regurgitating blasphemous ideas from it.  In our research and also according to the University of Pittsburgh’s Vézelay Abbey website one reads, “On the left side of the capital a man carries Judas's body over his shoulder.”  No mention about Jesus the Christ being the man carrying Judas!

Next in the interview Francis says, “There is a smile on the lips of the Good Shepherd, which I wouldn’t say is ironic, but a little bit complicit.”  What!?  Complicit is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “helping to commit a crime or do wrong in some way”.  Not only has Francis projected Christ onto the pillar falsely, now he is implicitly stating that Our Lord, Jesus the Christ is a sinner!

What are the words of Jesus the Christ concerning Judas?
“The Son of man indeed goeth, as it is written of him: but wo to that man, by whom the Son of man shall be betrayed: It were better for that man if he had not been born. And Judas, that betrayed him, answering, said: Is it I, Rabbi? he saith to him: Thou hast said it.” (Matthew 26, 24-25)

Doesn’t sound as if Judas was receptive to the Mercy Our Lord had for him does it?

Why is Francis trying to rehabilitate Judas then?

Keep in mind, Francis meditates on this blasphemy when he is in his office.

Does Francis remind you of anyone as he nullifies the words of God?

To us at Call Me Jorge..., he is most definitely sounding and behaving like a Talmudic rabbi.

Not to worry though as Francis assures you he isn’t a heretic! 

Even though Call Me Jorge... has asked this question before, we ask
it again — Does Francis see himself as a modern day Judas Iscariot?

A video in Italian of Francis addressing the priests of his diocese where he discusses Judas, the column, Fr. Primo Mazzolari, and how Jesus is dirty. (click here for English transcript)


  1. He is working on rehabilitating Lucifer, first. After the boss comes the henchmen.

    Like the thug/mobster that he is Jorge is beholding to the Don!


  2. If Judas has been carried by Jesus, then Francis can allow himself for any transgression, because for him - there is hope, that Jesus will save him even if he will destroy HIS CHURCH...

    What a twisted and arrogant "hope"...

  3. Bergoglio certainly is inconsistent. He tells sodomites, pedophiles, fornicators and adulterers that they DON'T have to repent -- but priests must absolve them and give them holy communion while they continue in sin. Any priest who doesn't go along w/betraying Jesus Christ as did Judas and the corrupt Jewish priesthood is double excommunicated or placed under house arrest and slandered and demanded all MONEY (Bergoglio certainly imitates Judas in his thievery!) be signed over like the Knights of Malta and Fr. Mannelli.

    Now we are to believe Judas repented. Repentance is defined as turning back to God/Jesus Christ. Judas (like Adam and Eve) turned to his fellow sinners and it's hard to know what he was doing but satisfying his own pride by throwing the money back at them and announcing he'd betrayed an 'innocent MAN.' Seriously, what could a Jewish priest do for Judas? He wasn't bringing a sin offering and he couldn't be tried because if Jesus wasn't God then He was guilty of blasphemy. One of the reasons the Jews killed Jesus was because He was always forgiving sins (and Jewish priests (not acting in persona Christi)could not do that). Judas by saying he betrayed an innocent MAN is also denying Jesus Christ's divinity. Jesus Christ however was executed by the Jews for saying he was God. So they couldn't try Judas under Jewish Law (i.e. put him in prison/execute him) since he had delivered the blasphemer (i.e. the guilty) into their hands. In the priests' mind their was nothing for Judas to feel guilty about. Judas seems never to have believed/realized Jesus was God (like Bergoglio & the Jewish priests) and had the ability to forgive sin so he couldn't go to Jesus (humble himself and believe).

    At least we know why Bergoglio is such a betrayer of Jesus Christ and His teachings: he constantly meditates on and therefore imitates Judas. Who woulda thunk that?

  4. Hey. He's fab, and far out, he's happenin'. And Judas is swell, and swingin' chicks are a gas and cool satanic freemasons pretending to be Catholics are hairy and hip.

    1. That's way far--like Lindsey Graham--out, Georgy girl!

  5. Judas did not betray Christ for just 30 pieces of silver ,he was promised a powerful position in the Temple according to one mystic, and that makes sense,it was not a large sum of money ,it fulfilled prophecy ,the price of a lamb without blemish.