Saturday, December 2, 2017

Aleksandr Dugin

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Who is Alexander Dugin?  Is he Putin’s brain, Putin’s court-satanist, or simply an agent of chaos?  While we do not agree with everything said or written by Sean Jobst, this video is good as a basic introduction to the subject.  Topics covered include;
Dugin’s connections to:
  • the oligarchs
  • Israel
  • the alt-right (Matt Heimbach, Richard Spencer, Nina Kouprianova) & the Charlottsville’s protest
  • Zionism
  • Avigdor Eskin
  • the kabbalah
  • Aleister Crowley
  • Freemasonry
  • Talmudic Judaism
  • René Guénon
  • the occult
  • separatist movements world-wide
Dugin’s thoughts on:
  • Roman Catholicism
  • Eurasia (Soviet Union 2.0 with Judeomasonic British ‘Israel’ Eurasian ethos supplementing communism)
  • chaos

Saturday Night Trad: Sean Jobst on the Errors of Duginism

BONUS: An Alexander Dugin Primer


  1. He is the spirit of anti-Christ.

    1. Most definitely, and what makes it all the more dangerous is that he poses as an Orthodox Christian "traditionalist". Aside from his doctrines, two other factors showing his spirit is indeed that of Anti-Christ:

      (1) The Orthodoxy he supports is the State-owned Moscow Patriarchate, whose leaders are also the ones who support him. This is the same Patriarchate that was revived by Stalin, supported since then by all Soviet and post-Soviet regimes, and infiltrated heavily with KGB agents, including the current Patriarch Kiril who profits personally from trade in vodka, tobacco, gambling, and numerous other trades. Under Putin's "anti-terrorism" law, any dissident Orthodox sects to that of the official state-owned one are suppressed. In his Polish magazine interview, Dugin actually denigrates these dissidents who oppose him as promoting "Catholic ideas" in Russia.

      (2) His extolling of "chaos" and messianism, which reeks more of a satanic Kabbalism than any Christian "traditionalism". Indeed, he has close ties to the Kabbalists Avigdor Eskin and Avram Shmulevich, and has frequently spoken at Kabbalistic functions in France.


    2. Mr. Jobst, thanks for interview and also for your meticulous articles. Always learn something from them.


    3. I find it very peculiar the
      CMRI have a small traditional chapel in Moscow,Russia.