Friday, December 1, 2017

hermeneutics of continuity — Bangladesh

Francis following 
in the footsteps 
of St. John Paul II

— the planting of the tree —

— papal mess & ordination of priests — 

• Fr. Boniface Murmu, “I cannot forget - the moment - when the pontiff (John Paul II) put his hands on me. With his touch I felt immense joy and peace in my heart. ”

• “He preached a society free from violence.”  Fr. Xavier Purification continues: “I was so happy when John Paul II was declared a Saint! At that moment my thought was: ‘I was ordained by a saint!’ The Polish Pope’s arrival in Bangladesh has blessed this country.” Father Xavier believes that Catholics will be encouraged by the visit of Pope Francis. He also hopes that even the Argentinean Pope will be raised to the altar of Saints “after his death, for his outstanding service to the Church and the people in need in the world.”

source: Dhaka: Waiting for Pope Francis, Catholics recall John Paul II’s visit


— riding the rickshaw — 

It’s a rerun of the same old show!


  1. For some reason when I see something about planting a tree for peace, or planting a tree for whatever the progess cause de jure is I am reminded of the old testament passages where the Caananites would worship BAAL in their sacred groves. If I remember correctly God ordered these groves to be cut down, perhaps because the trees themselves were idolatrous?

  2. Following Judas or jp2 the end result is the same:

  3. Speaking of Ordination,
    I had no idea the
    "new rite of Holy Orders" (June.18 1968) existed until 6 or 7 yrs ago.
    If there was no rupture or disconunity with the traditional rites,why did the Vatican literally not make official pronouncements to every dioceses in June 1968?
    Instead,the average laymen was led to believe nothing had changed except the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.