Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jerusalem & ‘the status quo’

Frankie the Yid

“I wish to make a heartfelt appeal to ensure that everyone is committed to respecting the status quo...”

— Don the shabbos goy

“In the meantime, I call on all parties to maintain the status quo..”

‘the status quo’

Jerusalem’s population broken down by religion: Jews, Moslems, and Christians (1910-2005)

Israel persecutes Christians by confining them to concentration camps and replacing them with Noahide approved Moslems


The demon possessed going crazy over Christians

 — Theodor Herzl’s promises on Jerusalem —

The excerpts below are from The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl, Volumes I-V (1960) edited by Raphael Patai & translated by Harry Zohn. (click here to read online) They were brought to our attention by Phillip Weiss in his article, Republicans want Jerusalem? Herzl promised pope, kaiser and sultan to leave it outside Jewish state.

• May 7, 1896 • Herzl’s intermediary to Sultan Abdulhamid II of the Ottoman Empire
 Volume I, pp. 345-6

• May 19, 1896 • Herzl to papal nuncio, Antonio Agliardi
 Volume I, p.353

 • June 17, 1896 • Herzl recounting meeting with a Turkish official
 Volume I, pp. 371-2

• October 7, 1898 • Herzl meeting with German ambassador, Count Philipp Eulenberg
Volume II, p. 691

• October 9, 1898 • Herzl recounting promise to the Grand Duke of Baden
 Volume II, p. 698

• October 31, 1898 • Herzl about his only visit to Jerusalem
 Volume II, p. 747

• May 8, 1901 • Sultan Hamid’s envoy says to Herzl
 Volume III, p. 1093 

• August 11, 1903 • Herzl meeting with Count Witte
 Volume IV, p. 1532

• January 23, 1904 • Herzl meets with the Holy See’s secretary of state, Cardinal Merry del Val
Volume IV, pp. 1593-4

 • January 26, 1904 • Herzl meets with Pope Saint Pius X
  Volume IV, p. 1604 

So much for keeping their word...

...however Israel celebrated Trump’s recognition by 
maintaining ‘the status quo’ as they shelled the 
Gaza Strip (aka concentration camp) like 
they have done so many countless times!

Bombs away!

 Don’t worry though, the Israelis will continue to scapegoat their goy Judas goats for carrying out their machinations for Talmudists are the eternal victims.


  1. Jews, like some other racial and cultural groups, refuse to accept their own responsibility in creating prejudice against themselves. They willingly engage in behaviour which causes prejudice against them, then they demand that people not be prejudiced. Their self-pity is endless. Thus the Jews illegally invade and conquer a foreign land, so that in the future they can have a place to flee after their behaviour causes prejudice against them. They never ask themselves why the German people loathed and detested them so much, or why antisemitism is increasing in the West today. They never change. It is a certainty that if Iran and Syria ever do attack Israel, the Jews will not acknowledge that their behaviour was the cause of it, but will only self-pityingly portray themselves as victims.

  2. Pope Francis paved the way for this recognition. Don´t believe the hype that he opposed it.

    Examine who went to the Vatican in October 2017 such as various Patriarchs. He had to placate and appease various Catholic and Orthodox Patriarchs so they don´t kick up a fuss. Note also the last few months meetings with Orthodox Patriarchs in Jerusalem.

    This couldn´t have happened without Pope Francis´s backing.