Monday, December 4, 2017

Talmudic Jewish Supremacism II

the schizophrenia of the Talmudic mind



  1. A lot of words, but I'm not sure what her point is. Young people have caved in on the idiotic white privilege concept. They bought it. Their schools taught it, and they bought it. So easy. So incredibly easy, when children don't know how to think and reason and they are taught to hate where they came from, and parents let the state educate their children.
    This "poem" is to distance oneself from the "bad white people" perhaps. "I'm better, I'm oppressed as you are" etc., and etc., and etc. Don't look at ME, look at those OTHER white people...what courage! After giving the Jewish people the only safe homeland they have ever known in the entire world, this is what we get, fingers pointed at us in accusation. There has been no other place like America for the Jews. They were cast out of everywhere else. But THIS is where magnanimity leaves you, with a finger in your face, or up in the air.
    And her comment "Catholic and Christian are two different things" is a horrible insult, but who cares, it's just THEM.

  2. )erusalem has zones in which Catholics and Gentiles ARE NOT ALLOWED ACCESS.
    Simultaneously,these same
    ")ewish" people advocate and lobby for unfettered open immigration & open borders in
    North America,Europe,and Australia.