Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Vatican creates an ‘International Observatory Against Cyberbullying’

Francis the ‘humble’ bully tackles the online ‘problem’ of cyberbullying*

Showing the Noahide Novus Ordo for the sad joke it is

Of course the Hasidic connected and Vatican backed NGO, Scholas Occurrentes, had their hands all over it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

World Congress of Mountain Jews visit Francis... discuss the creation of a 
‘World Council of Mono-religions’

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 Francis looks very happy to be receiving his favorite type of Vatican guest — a rabbi.

Francis’ speech to the ‘World Congress of Mountain Jews’ can be read below in its entirety but we will quote a few lines from it and write much of it.  One sees the ‘inner-Jew’ — Francis falsely claims exist in every Christian — here in the raw.

Francis welcomed the “ancient tradition” of Silk Road Jews from the Caucasus Mountains — the ‘World Congress of Mountain Jews’.  They were at the Vatican to ask Francis to help create a ‘World Council of Mono-religions’ (see video titled, Remnants of the ‘Silk Road’ trade who want to preserve and spread their value$, below for this information) and share their common value$.  Few care to speak of it but Francis’ first job was in the employ of a Jew whom he swept floors for at his hosiery ‘factory’.  After one year of sweeping floors, young Jorge was promoted to learning double-book entry keeping from his father who was the accountant at this ‘factory’.  Francis has demonstrated many times that he has the morality of an accountant and his bottom line is whether or not it’s good or bad for the Jews. This is the common value$ he shares with the Silk Road Mountain Jews.

Next Francis recounts to them how he commemorates the Holocaust every chance he gets. It’s Shoah-business!  The reason for this is that Francis’ frame of reference for his religion isn’t Jesus the Christ and the Sacrifice he gave for our sins but the Holocaust.  Beyond this everything else is relative to Francis.  He uses the Holocaust as the basis for what constitutes evil and what his value$ are. Notice, Francis says, “human dignity will remain a dead letter” if people do not participate in remembering the Holocaust as part of their faith experience.

Francis then proceeds to demonstrate these value$ as he mournfully recalls events important to Jews but not to any other peoples. How many remember the uncountable number of the times the British rounded up the Irish or the uncountable number of the times the Turks raided Italy for slaves, etc...?  So, why is Francis virtually turning dates of importance to Jews into de facto ‘holy days’?  This is nothing new for Francis. Below is a photo from 2005, when he hosted a ‘Kristallnacht’ memorial service in his then Cathedral with many rabbinical guests.  We wonder, why no one else reports about this and when was the first time Jorge Bergoglio had rabbis in his church with him?

Next up Francis blathers on, “religious freedom is a supreme good to be safeguarded, a fundamental human right and a bulwark against the claims of totalitarianism.”  If Francis was a Catholic he would preach to these Jews the error of their ways and the Salvation of Jesus the Christ but no, he lets them uncharitably wallow in their ignorance. It makes sense that Francis would do this when one considers that he is a spiritual member of their tribe — as he shares their value$ and belief$.

Francis continues, “Sadly, anti-Semitic attitudes are also present in our own times. As I have often repeated, a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community.” Like we wrote above Francis’ value$ are what is good for the Talmudic Jews.  A quick primer on the Judaism Francis endlessly claims that Christianity shares roots with. Below is a quote from Benedict XVI’s friend and ‘dialoguing’ partner Rabbi Jacob Neusner, explaining that the descendants of the Pharisees are the rabbis.  These same rabbis follow the Talmud (the Mishnah is the first part of it) which nullifies the Word of God as the rabbi is seen, not only as having defeated God through superior intellect, but also, as the Torah in the flesh!  Sounds very close to the air of humble superiority Francis relishes flaunting doesn’t it?  (One only needs to look at Francis’ behavior in the Viganò kerfuffle to see an example of this.)

Francis makes yet another call to outlaw “anti-semitism” at the end of that quote. What about the anti-goyism which exists not only in Israel but in the news media and movie industry?  He is silent on these.  Recall that Francis defines an “anti-semite” as, “Anyone who does not recognize the Jewish people and the State of Israel — and their right to exist,” and has further stated, “Those who deny the Holocaust are crazy!” as well as, “[denying the Holocaust] is madness, but it happens. And it's incomprehensible.”  Once again it all becomes clear only when one examines Francis as a spiritual Talmudist whom has built the edifice of his religion on a foundation of Holocaust and noahidism while tacking a veneer of what people think is Catholicism onto its facade.

Next up is a call from Francis for the one-way street of dialogue the Talmudic Jews are so fond of, “we are called to promote and to expand interreligious dialogue for the sake of humanity.”  Do it for humanity! How much more of this garbage has to spew forth from Francis’ mouth before it sinks in that none of this is Catholic for it comes from the cesspools of Talmudic Judaism.

One last set of points, Francis never jokes about the Holocaust nor about Talmudic Judaism — he’s all business and serious when it comes to these. When it comes to the Catholic faith however, he relishes telling blasphemous jokes about Our Lord, the Holy Trinity, and the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Further, he teaches outright anti-Catholicism and heresies at his Casa Santa Marta homilies.  He takes great contentment intentionally confusing pewsitters about the Catholic religion. It’s no wonder the ‘World Congress of Mountain Jews’ wanted to meet with this rabbinical traditionalist to discuss the creation of a ‘World Council of Mono-religions’ which is eerily similar to the one proposed by the late Simon PeresFrancis will not rest until St. Peter’s Basilica resembles a synagogue and the Vatican a shtetl.  One world religion here we come!

 Francis addressing Akif Gilalov, one woman, and the rabbis.

Dear Friends, 
I offer a warm welcome to you, the delegates of the World Congress of Mountain Jews from different countries. It is the first time that Jewish brothers and sisters belonging to your ancient tradition have come as a group to visit the Pope. For this reason too, our meeting today is a reason for joy. 
Most recently, I met with a Jewish community in Lithuania on 23 September last. It was a day devoted to the commemoration of the Shoah, seventy-five years after the destruction of the Vilnius ghetto and the murder of thousands of Jews. I prayed before the monument to the victims of the Holocaust and I asked the Most High to comfort his people. The Holocaust must be commemorated so that there will be a living memory of the past. Without a living memory, there will be no future, for if the darkest pages of history do not teach us to avoid the same errors, human dignity will remain a dead letter. 
Speaking of the Shoah, I would like to recall two other tragic events. Another dramatic seventy-fifth anniversary took place on 16 October last: that of the raid on the Roman ghetto. Just a few days from now, 9 November will mark the eightieth anniversary of the Kristallnacht, when many Jewish places of worship were destroyed, not least with the intent of uprooting from the hearts of individuals and a people that which is absolutely inviolable: the presence of the Creator. The attempt to replace the God of goodness with the idolatry of power and the ideology of hatred ended in the folly of exterminating creatures. Consequently, religious freedom is a supreme good to be safeguarded, a fundamental human right and a bulwark against the claims of totalitarianism. 
Sadly, anti-Semitic attitudes are also present in our own times. As I have often repeated, a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life. Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community. 
I have always sought to emphasize the importance of friendship between Jews and Catholics. It is based on a fraternity grounded in the history of salvation and it finds concrete expression in concern for one another. Together with you, I would like to offer thanks to the Giver of every gift for the blessing of our friendship, which is a reason and an impetus to mutual dialogue. In these times, we are called to promote and to expand interreligious dialogue for the sake of humanity. 
In this regard, I readily think back with you to the moving interreligious encounter in Azerbaijan two years ago, where I remarked that the religions can be builders of harmony “based on personal relations and on the good will of those responsible”. This is indeed our path: “a path of dialogue with others and a path of prayer for all. These are our means of turning ‘spears into pruning hooks’ (cf. Is 2:4), so as to give rise to love where there is hatred, and forgiveness where there is offence, without ever growing weary of imploring and tracing the ways of peace”. For “now is not the time for violent or abrupt solutions, but rather an urgent moment to engage in in patient processes of reconciliation” (2 October 2016). It is to this fundamental task that we are called. 
I ask the Almighty to bless our journey of friendship and trust, so that we can dwell always in peace and be, wherever we find ourselves, artisans and builders of peace. Shalom aleichem!  

Akif Gilalov and the rabbis thanked Francis for hosting them and discussed the creation of a ‘World Council of Mono-religions’.

They came bearing gifts, including this two volume work.

Jesuits in Russia, from the reign of Catherine II to the present day — Parts 1 & 2: 1867-1870, written by Mikhail Yakovlevich Moroshkin (1820-1870), a Russian Orthodox priest and graduate of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.

Francis welcomes his spiritual tribesmen to the Vatican

Remnants of the ‘Silk Road’ trade who want 
to preserve and spread their value$

Some things to ponder...

David Rene James de Rothschild (head of the Rothschild family) with Dr. Neil Rosenstein, author of ‘The Unbroken Chain’ 

It’s logical to conclude that the entire conspiracy racket and alt-right are therefore controlled golems.

The World Jewish Congress checking up on their man, Francis the ‘humble’ hasidic pope, in the Vatican
The Catholic media is consequently controlled.

What more needs to be said?  Conspiracy writers and reporters in the medias whether they be mainstream, alternative, conservative, liberal, Catholic, protestant, Jewish, et al., all have access to the same information as we at Call Me Jorge... do. This isn’t rocket scientry or top secret nuclear tech, it’s so blatantly in the open — it’s as if they are rubbing your face in it! So why the silence? And why does the public continue to look towards these people for information?

For more about David Rene James de Rothschild’s background and trip to the Vatican with the World Jewish Congress, see: Humble Pope Francis of the 'poor Church' to celebrate 50th Anniversary of Nostra Aetate with Scion of Rothschild Usury Dynasty and Multibillionaire Ronald Lauder.  Those who want to read the ‘joke’ Francis relishes telling every Talmudic Jew he knows, see: Francis tells his favorite blasphemous joke again!.

— The Unbroken Chain —

(click image to enlarge)

The Pope Video — Season 3 Episode 11

Francis’ revolution of tenderness plods along

The best part is the graffiti duo whom have obviously never read Laudato si'.

Ah, the irony!

Monday, October 22, 2018

The Epitome of the Novus Ordo

Below is a chapel in the San Ignacio Jesuit Center in Salamanca, Spain. This chapel won the award for “best religious space 2018” from Faith & Form’s Annual Religious Art and Architecture Design Awards“The Faith & Form association, is based in Washington and supported by the Vatican.”

The ‘Chapel of Encounter’ demonstrates what
the Novus Ordo is — empty, sterile, and cold.

Francis loves speaking about “encounter!”

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cardinal Kasper, “there is no real substantial difference between Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.”

Kasper continued, “They are different personalities of course, different backgrounds. One is European, the other comes from Latin America. [But] if you read exactly what they write, it’s the same line and substance.”

We have republished these lines from Kasper’s speech in case there is still anyone out there clinging to the hope that if only Benedict XVI was in charge, things would be different.  The only differences would be negligible — Benedict XVI talked less, granted less interviews, dressed better, and had more smells & bells.  Both Benedict XVI and Francis are modernists hell bent on imposing the ever changing vision of what Vatican II is at the moment onto the Novus Ordo.  As we have written more than a few times this will only stop when St. Peter’s resembles a synagogue and the Vatican a shtetl.

Kasper speaks the truth!

Quotes are from Kasper’s speech upon receiving the “Civitas Dei” medal from Villanova University, 18 October 2018.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Pope Video — Season 3 Episode 10

In the past Francis has denigrated the traditional role of religious in the church because, as this video aptly demonstrates, he desires to turn religious into ‘Social Justice Warriors’.

The Pope Video — Season 3 Episode 9

The Peoples of Africa Need Education!

Francis doesn’t care whether it is a Christian education, a Moslem education, a Hindu education, or a pagan education because as long as they all teach the Holocaust it’s all the same to him!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Francis accepts ‘Donna’ Wuerl’s resignation

Wuerl to Francis the Most Humble

‘Donna’ Wuerl, “Yes, and I said that. I made errors of judgment when we were dealing with all those cases before the Dallas Charter. Some of those errors in judgment were based on professional psychological evaluations, some of the errors were based on moving too slowly as we tried to find some verification of the allegations. Those were all judgmental errors, and I certainly regret them. I think it is also worth noting that all those priests who were faced with allegations in my time there, if there was any substantiation for them they were removed from any ministry that would put them in contact with young people. I think what we can say is that a careful reading of the [Pennsylvania grand jury] report and the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s response, which the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed to be attached to the grand jury report, shows that I acted in a very responsible way to remove predator priests. What is important now is to be able to move beyond the questions of doubt, fallibility and not concentrating on myself but helping this church to get to a new place.”

Francis the Most Humble to Wuerl

Francis, “Your nobility has led you not to choose the way of defense. Of this, I am proud and thank you. In this way, you make clear the intent to put God’s project first, before any kind of personal project, including what could be considered as for the good of the church. Your renunciation is a sign of your availability and docility to the Spirit who continues to act in the church.”

‘Donna’ Wuerl on Viganò

‘Donna’ Wuerl, “In my read of that testimony, particularly the part that touches me, it is not faithful to the facts. There can be reasons for that, and I think Cardinal Ouellet is touching on what may be the primary one. In his testimony, Archbishop Viganò clearly says that there were secret sanctions in some form. But he also says himself that he never communicated them to me. Yet this should have been his duty. I find it difficult to accept his version that he holds me responsible for implementing something he never passed on or his gratuitous insult that I must be a liar when I say that I never received these secret sanctions. Certainly I would never have guessed that there were sanctions against Cardinal McCarrick from all the times I encountered him at receptions and events hosted by Archbishop Viganò at the Apostolic Nunciature. The gap between what he says and what he did and his easy calumny call into question for me the real intent and purpose of his letter.  I think there’s something radically wrong with any document that doesn’t provide proof for accusations of that gravity.”

The key word being “allegation”

‘Donna’ Wuerl, “I have clarified over and over again that during the 12 years that I served as archbishop of Washington no one ever brought me any allegation of misconduct, sexual misconduct by Cardinal McCarrick.”

Now all that’s left is for Francis to choose another kosher 
member of the Gay Lobby to replace Wuerl!

The outgoing president of the The Gay Mafia Mutual Admiration Society™ 
hands over the membership roster to the new president.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

George Neumayr continues to uncover the Gay Mafia in the Novus Ordo

George Neumayr should be commended for the old fashioned sleuthing he has been doing — going through public records, asking questions around the campus of a university, talking to public employees, attempting to get comments from the Novus Ordo hierarchy, etc...  This used to be called reporting but sadly these days most who refer to themselves with the moniker of ‘reporter’ do nothing of the such.  They are instead content to republish press releases from the diocese and attend banquets hosted by the bishops where lavish feasts are plied on them with speeches full of empty dross.  Is this simply laziness or is it because the self-said ‘reporters’ share in the belief that homosexuality, pederasty, and pedophilia are virtues?  Considering the fact that these behaviors have continued on for over some forty years and have become more brazen as well as audacious as the time has past they appear to us at Call Me Jorge... to be willing accomplices.  As we have written before, please keep Mr. Neumayr in your prayers as he continues his exposure of this most evil of beasts.

The luxury high-rise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where Monsignor Rossi owns an apartment and finds time to serve as Treasurer in addition to his duties as head of the Washington, D.C. Basilica.

Monsignor Walter Rossi’s beach residence near Atlantic City, New Jersey
where Matthew Riedlinger was listed as registered to vote.

Francis excited to make Romero a saint

“To all the young people gathered in these happy days for the canonization of Monsignor Romero: a big greeting and my blessing. And please do not forget to pray for me. To all, a big hug!” 
— Francis, in the below video

“[Romero was] a martyr of the church of the Second Vatican Council.” — Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia

“Few know that Romero received spiritual direction from an Opus Dei priest and personally knew the future saint and Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva. When the latter died in 1975, he wrote a letter to Paul VI asking the Pope to jump start his canonization process, writing: “Monsignor Escriva . . . was able to unite in his life a continuous dialogue with Our Lord and a great humanity; one could tell he was a man of God, and his manner was full of sensitivity, kindness, and good humor.” As recommended by Opus Dei priests, Romero wore a cilice on Fridays as a form of self-mortification until his death.” 

Oscar Romero’s Exaggerating Critics, First Things, (7 March 2013)

Oscar Romero, “Personally, I owe deep gratitude to the priests involved with the Work, to whom I have entrusted with much satisfaction the spiritual direction of my own life and that of other priests.

People from all social classes find in Opus Dei a secure orientation for living as children of God in the midst of their daily family and social obligations. And this is doubtless due to the life and teaching of its founder.”

Archbishop Romero's cordial relations with Opus Dei continued right up to the day of his death. Fernando Sáenz, who eventually succeeded him as Archbishop of San Salvador, says that after writing this letter, Archbishop Romero took advantage of being in Rome to pray before the founder's tomb, and became visibly moved. “His spirituality, in some sense, was nourished by the spirituality of Josemaría Escrivá. He read The Way frequently.”

In his September 6, 1979 Diary entry, Archbishop Romero says that Opus Dei “carries out a silent work of deep spirituality among professional people, university students and laborers…I think this is a mine of wealth for our Church—the holiness of the laity in their own profession.”

The day he was assassinated, Archbishop Romero spent the morning with Fernando Sáenz at a recollection for priests organized by Opus Dei. 

Oscar Romero and St. Josemaria, Opus Dei, (25 April 2013)

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The youth participate at the Synod on Young People

The “throw away culture” on display
in the Paul VI Audience Hall.

(See the video at 5:06 - 9:41  &  42:08 - 43:29)

The Circus Maximus is used for pagan fun and games again!

Immodesty was out in full force.

(click images to enlarge — censored with black, green, and yellow colors)

Nothing says one loves Francis than dressing immodestly.

‘Give me a spiritual hug Francis!’

The adoring crowd came out to see their revolutionary hero!

Guys got in on the immodest dress as well.

Even the handicap participated in the immodesty. Did Francis kiss this guy?

Stick your tongue out like Kali and take a selfie!

‘We want Francis the Most Humble!’

We wonder would this same crowd be cheering him if the event took place two weeks later?

Got to get a selfie with the ‘King of Selfies’

Do the Italian youth today still adore Francis the head of the Gay Mafia?

Francis met with an announced mob of 70,000 youth (in reality around 30,000) on 11 August 2018 at the Circus Maximus for some Novus Ordo fun, under the guise of a prayer meeting!

Francis also got this wooden staff (which many are calling a stang) to add to his collection of ferulas which mock the Catholic Faith and Our Lord’s Crucifixion.

Close-up of the ugly crozier.

The Pope Video — Season 3 Episode 10 — Special Edition

Francis, ‘Pray that Cardinal Carlo ‘Satan’ Viganò and his accusations don’t sink the pedophiles, pederasts, and homosexuals that make up the Novus Ordo. Anyways, it’s all in the past and over. And remember to say the Rosary daily but don’t be a Pelagian and count them!’

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Francis gives advice to the youth

The auxiliary bishop of Lyon, Emmanuel Gobilliard, asks Francis to give a few words of encouragement for all the boys and girls of the entire world.

You are the hope! Dream! Talk! Be the tree blossoms! Dialogue! Courage! Get busy! Blah! Blah! Blah!

At least he didn’t tell the children to make a mess this time, since it seems he is already making a big enough one of his own.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

the new evangelization in the diocese of Atlanta

The Novus Ordo Catechism is a joke!

If it’s not fun, it’s not the Novus Ordo!

Francis tears up because his fellow communist from China is attending the synod

The man whom Francis said makes,  “the entire episcopate and the successor of Peter... even more visible” is none other than Francis’ fellow communist, Joseph Guo Jincai, the vice-president of Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and also a deputy to the 13th National People’s Congress.  Keep in mind, that while Francis cries tears of joy for a communist bishop, he has nothing but crocodile tears for the twelve priests and bishops currently rotting in the communist jails of the People’s Republic of China.

Joseph Guo Jincai

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The SSPX’s “2018—2019 Policy Handbook” allows for the formation of ‘transgender’ and homosexual clubs

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 WARNING 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 WARNING 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

Last year we wrote about the FSSPX’s school (Saint Michael’s) in Burghclere, England and their very disturbing handbook in the post, The SSPX’s “Child Protection Policy” endorsed masturbation, sodomy, obscenity, pornography, etc....  Supporters of the SSPX hemmed and hawed over the handbook stating that Call Me Jorge... made it up, misrepresented the facts, was out to get the Society, and our favorite — that the handbook was from last year and it was old news.  Well buckle-up because another one of the Society’s schools has done it again.  This time it is the St. John Bosco Private School in Alberta, Canada.  We can already hear the defenders clamoring that the website says, “St. John Bosco Private School is an independent school affiliated with the Alberta Charitable Society of St. Pius X.”  ‘See, it says “affiliated” it doesn’t say it’s part of it!’

Links to the two handbooks of St. John Bosco Private School:

So what do the 2018—2019 handbooks state?

(click images to enlarge)

From the 2018—2019 Policy Handbook, Preface, page 4.

There you have it following has been approved by Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX and we also note that the headmaster of the school is Fr. Frank Riccomini, SSPX.

The offending pages can be found in the 2018—2019 Policy Handbook, (pp. 45 - 48), and in the Welcome & Caring Policy, (pp. 4 - 9).

The Board that runs the school will not tolerate bullying or discrimination on the basis of an individual’s actual or perceived differences, including sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

It gets worse. The Board requires that its school and staff promote a learning environment that respects diversty as reflected in An Act to Support Gay-Straight Alliances.

And it continues, support and affirm dignity while respecting diversity, gender identity and gender expression.

Why all this talk of gender identity and gender expression?  Well, so your boy can form a gay-straight alliance or queer-straight alliance!

At this point don’t you feel like throwing up?

Well, there you have it.  Another school of the SSPX is violating the natural law in its handbooks again.  If these are hoops that the government of Alberta, Canada makes a school jump through, why have a school at all?  If they put these policies in the handbook but do not intend to follow them, wouldn’t this be deceitful to say the least?  We don’t recall the early martyrs offering incense to the pagan gods.  If neither, why are they in the handbook?  Furthermore, does the SSPX not understand the difference between sex and gender?  It pains us at Call Me Jorge... to write this but is there any difference these days between the members of the Society and the conservatives in the Novus Ordo?

We cannot imagine that  St. John Bosco and Abp. Lefebvre would be 
pleased with the handbooks of the St. John Bosco Private School.



In case the document gets taken down as typical does, we have put the pages quoted from the 2018—2019 Policy Handbook below.

Friday, September 28, 2018

the new evangelization in Poland

If this isn’t satanic what is?

And to think that many in the Novus Ordo brag about how Poland is Catholic.  If this is the best Europe has to offer only God can help us.

***** UPDATE 29 SEPTEMBER 2018 *****

Some are stating the video below is the original video.  If true the music isn’t as bad but the behavior is just as appalling.  Readers can see other examples of behavior like this from religious in Poland in the links provided below.


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Francis ‘jokes’, “I am the devil.”

“VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) — The Latest on Pope Francis' visit to the Baltic countries (all times local):

6:35 p.m.

Pope Francis has acknowledged that his reputation pales a bit compared to St. John Paul II — at least as far as Poles are concerned.

Greeting journalists Saturday en route to Lithuania, Francis was given a book about the former pope by Polish photographer Grzegorz Galazka. Receiving the large book with a beaming John Paul on the cover, Francis quipped: "(Pope John Paul II) was a saint, I am the devil."

Laughing, Galazka immediately corrected him: "No, you are both saints! You are both saints!"

Francis' quip appeared to acknowledge that he has his detractors, particularly among conservative Catholics who long for the more doctrinaire papacies of John Paul and Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.

The criticism of Francis by conservatives has grown more vocal recently amid the church's sex abuse scandals and the distress over his opening to letting divorced and civilly remarried Catholics receive Communion.

Yes, Francis you most certainly are!