Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Francis sets new record for attendance at general audience

Or lack thereof.

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The crowd at Francis’ general audience 
continues to dwindle away...


  1. The bad news is that there is anyone there, although it's probably a good thing for them to see how few they are.

  2. The lesser and lesser people are in his audience, the weaker and weaker his power gets. This must be the consequence of blogs like yours -- people are enlightened and they don't want to be part of the subtle evil agenda of Bergoglio.

    keep on exposing him, maybe eventually he will end up talking only to himself. hahaha can't fool anyone no more!

    God bless you and other bloggers for your passion in exposing the Francis the deceiver.

    Putin seems to be more Christian than Bergoglio

    1. Putin isn't a Christian. He's a communist who was raised listening to the Talmud being recited. Orthodoxy was corrupted hundreds of years ago.

      Vladimir ‘defender of Christianity’ Putin kisses a boy on the stomach because he wanted “to stroke him like a cat”.

      “Russia originally evolved as a multi-nationality and multi-confessional state. You know Orthodox Christianity and some theorists agree with this, it is much closer to Islam than to Roman Catholicism.”

      “If one wishes to find truth, one would better read the Bible, the Talmud or the Koran - these are much more helpful.”

      The big-bad tough Russian Orthodox Christian,
      Vladimir Putin kissing Moshe Kantor’s rear end!

      Don the Con — The Donald and his connection to Putin via Russia’s ruling oligarchy

      "More likely, Putin shared with Francis how he is helping to turn Russia into a multicultural cesspool by using the policies of Alesandr Dugin which promote illegal immigration, continue to allow abortion, and construct a pan Turkish-Russian Eurasia."

    2. Putin wears an Orthodox "Miraculous" crucifix - his baptismal cross which he asked to be blessed in his trip to Jerusalem -- which was given by his mother. A Jew or a Muslim will NEVER wear a cross or any Christian symbol on their bodies.

      His father was an atheist and his mother was an Orthodox Christian and he was baptized as an Orthodox Christian as an infant

      Jews hate the crucifix - which is why Francis had to hide the crucifix on his necklace under his wide belt during his visit at the synagogue- which you pointed out.

      In the recent past 6 years, under Putin's watchful eyes and personal support, Russia has built 5,000 churches and added 10,000 clergy

      This fact alone should defy your statements about him.

      If Putin was Jewish, why is he enforcing Orthodox faith almost as the state's faith, expelling other religions that would undermine it like Jehovah Witness, and prohibiting evangelicals to preach in public other than state-approved venues?

      And he forbids gay manifestations in public, forbid gay parades, etc.and soon will ban Halloween.

      And Putin goes to attend Orthodox church services often, observes its Christian traditions like dipping in cold water on their feast of Epiphany. Someone raised or who believes in the Talmud will never do these things.

      He had a religious service to start-off his presidency and attends regularly Christmas eve Orthodox mass -

      (Trump said Merry Christmas but did not go to church to attend Christmas service, did he?)

      Putin has been seen around with children but he seldom touches them - your article that pointed that out was creepy what he did -- but he is not as creepy as American Creepy Uncle Joe Biden

      Putin knelt and prayed in Jerusalem (NO Talmud worshipper will ever do this-- not even a "good" Jewish actor)

      Russians Defend Christianity / защиту веры

      Christianity Grows in Russia & Declines in the West

      West Demonizes Putin

      President Putin Venerates Shrines in Jerusalem and Bethlehem

      Vladimir Putin's Christian Faith - in his own words

      Misreading Putin

      Is Putin a secret monk - MUST READ-

    3. Your ignorance of Putin is sad. Never said he was Jewish, said he was raised listening to the Talmud being recited. If you knew anything about Putin you would know this as it Putin 101. In future posts we will expose more of this communist fraud who styles himself Orthodox.

    4. You may be right about Bergoglio but you are grossly wrong about Putin. You are blindly part of the "geriatric Cold Warriors" - as this article -- Misreading Putin --says

      This linkage between Putin and Soviet Communism seems especially popular among geriatric Cold Warriors who may already be nostalgic for the Cold War. It also plays well among a GOP base that like to imagine that they’re still confronting the “evil empire” that President Reagan famously denounced.

      Read more:

    5. Wow, linking to an article from the godfather of the alt-right that's filled with all sorts of dis-information. If Russia and Putin are so great learn to speak speak the language and move there. We warn you before you do, to actually listen to what Putin says, not what's reported by his sycophants in the West.

  3. When Putin speaks about faith and God, he is serious and talks sense. When Bergoglio speaks, it is total nonesense, incongruent, disrespectful of Christ, and a lot of stupidity, as a clown as you regularly point out. --Putin: It is impossible to imagine Russia without Christianity

    By their fruits ye shall know them and Putin got lots of good fruits with the growth of Chrsitianity in Russia.

    Unlike the Christian Evangelicals in the US who are the one of the main causes of wars in the Middle East -- for the Greater Israel. THE ISRAELI GLOBAL MILITARY BEAST State Of Israel: Not Biblical Prophecy!

    Unlike Bergoglio who is causing flocks of Catholics to abandon Catholic churches to be sold out as condominiums and shops.

    Putin speaks with reverence about God while Bergoglio mocks Christ with the most disgusting lies even atheists could not come up with those despicable words. Vladimir Putin's Christian Faith - in his own words

    1. Stay tuned to this blog, we will report more on what Putin says and it's equally as bad as what comes out of Francis' mouth.